C3 Cardigan

This morning we had to drop the kids at one of the Christmas programme practice really early.So we all went ,grabbing a quick breakfast from MacD.DSCN3764

Dh and I planned to shop later at IKEA.
I wore my C3 Cardigan .
This one was long done and was hibernating coz first I could not find the right buttons for it and then I wanted to do a shot wearing it .Which never happened because I was just plain lazy!
The yarn was from Shanna. I had previously abandoned this project when I made it with Knit Knit yarn.The drape of this yarn is so nice.
Project Details: 
Yarn:  8 skeins Classic Elite Yarns Cotton Bamboo Colorway 3620 Trellis Green Dye lot
Hook : 3.75 mm
Pattern :C3 Crochet Crop Cardigan .
Tid Bits :
I had just enough yarn to finish this cardigan although I did not want to have sleeves after I saw Rima’s C3 Cardigan. I also followed all her notes : did not change the needle size, and also increased the body length.
The inverted V in the front is a happy coincidence and I’m so happy it worked out perfectly.
The yarn was just enough to complete it.
Did you see I wore my Saroyan scarf too?!.
I always feel extremely self conscious when I wear something I made outside. I finished this cardigan  long back..Every time , I’d take it out to wear and then decide against it and put it back in , then wear something else. This time I got brave Smile
However I was the only colourfully dressed person in the sea of brown and black and cream and blue dressed people in the Mall and felt like I was in a fancy dress or something  Open-mouthed smile
DSCN3769 After we went to the  practice venue, we learnt  there was a slight change of plan so M came with us too.
He told us he’d be on his best behaviour and kept his word totally!  DSCN3778
The IKEA people and I think alike I guess, I’ve been obsessed with hearts this Christmas.I didn’t get any coz I’m making my own Smile
It was fun having M with me today .We picked out scented candles after smelling every candle scent and deciding that  our all time favorite apple cinnamon was the best. 


  1. Gorgeous - love the green and yellow together too! :)

  2. The cardigan looks fab, and much more exciting than wearing drab colours to Ikea!

  3. You look so nice in your cardigan and scarf. Very pretty. :)

  4. LOVE the cardigan! I've been liking green a lot lately.

  5. Gorgeous cardigan, Pearlin and it fits you like a glove. I too started this cardi but abandoned it half-way through. glad you stuck out and finished it. :-)

  6. Beautiful! It looks fantastic on you too.

  7. The cardigan is lovely and so is that scarf!

  8. you look very stylish with the cardigan,saroyan and the pinky-purple bag!

  9. Both your projects are lovely on you Pearlin and its good you got brave to wear it! Your outfit has a very nice color combination too, maybe most people just tend to wear dark and neutral colors when its cold.

  10. wow...that looks lovely....you can proudly wear your hndmades...it's perfect finishing

  11. The sweater looks awesome, it was worth the wait, getting to see you wear it. Sounds like you had a good day out too.

  12. Please shed all your consciousness..It looks absolutely stunning. :)

  13. What a beautiful cardigan and it fits you so well. Nothing beats showing off hand knits!

  14. Hi Pearlin,

    Very pretty cardigan...Good work..

    Have a nice blessed Christmas season..


  15. beautiful cardigan pearlin.enjoy xmas shopping... wish you and your family a very Merry Xmas.. hugs, mini


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