Soon it will be Christmas Day

Christmas 2011 076
I finally finished my red table cloth just in time before the Christmas Festivities started over here in J household.
 Christmas 2011 080
I ‘ve lost count of the times, I just wanted to throw it away as I was making it, but the end result was totally worth all the tears .If you look really really close you can see the colour difference in the thread.  I’m just too happy that I’m knocking out projects off the UFO list one by one, to be bothered by it now Smile
.Christmas 2011 114
Project Details
Pattern: from the book Pineapple Lace
Hook : 1.75 mm Tulip
Thread :9 50 gm balls DMC  size 10 thread
M decorated the Christmas tree this year mostly by himself .He decided on the theme too!Christmas 2011 009
We’d picked up two  boxes of red and gold ornaments from IKEA and he wanted to use only that for the tree.
Christmas 2011 096
I also made this little stocking ..I ‘m sure you all know where it can be found now. SmileThis cute pattern is from Sucrette’s blog.You’ll see a lot of them  if you go  blog hopping.
Christmas 2011 091
 Christmas 2011 092
I used scraps of Catania Cotton for it with a 3.75 mm hook
The Christmas programme at the Sunday School was really sweet
A acted in a skit Christmas 2011 055M was Joseph in the Nativity play
Christmas 2011 023
A was one of the Wiseman
.Christmas 2011 060
I had a lot of fun dressing up the children and chatting with the other moms there.
Then it was time for the Carolers to come  singing to our home. We lit up all the candles in the hall.
Christmas 2011 106Christmas 2011 101
This is my entranceChristmas 2011 103Christmas 2011 115Christmas 2011 116Christmas 2011 102Christmas 2011 118
All lit up and readychristmas carols 004
My Christmas Cheer quilt. Smilechristmas carols 005christmas carols 006christmas carols 009christmas carols 010christmas carols 011
Later we had a party for them too. I was busy entertaining the guests that I completely forgot to take pictures of the party and only remembered I had to take pictures when they were getting in their vansSmile
christmas carols 014FOfriday


  1. Pearlin, I love your home! I love how you've made your house a home.. Thank you for sharing the pics. the tree looks great and I love the ribbon wound around it. your Christmas quilt looks awesome and I spy the small mini-quilt behind the nativity scene. You make me want to deck my house in Christmas decor...

  2. That table cloth is just the right shade for Christmas. Your home looks warm and cozy and ready to welcome Santa.

  3. OMG pearl....I love the small figurines you have..feel like coming to q8 with a big bag and scooping all of that into mine :o) lol..
    beautiful spirit of Christmas !!!

    lovely family..and though I'm not much of a seamstress/crochet person...I simply heart them..brings me memories of my dad's sister, She used to stay in North India and all her crocheted stuff used to be very very pretty..
    Nostalgic... Christmas does that to me..(sniff.sniff)

    love from Dubai.

  4. I can't see any colour change in the red thread - the table cloth looks gorgeous and drapes beautifully. How festive everything looks!

  5. Love your home. Look at all the warmth you have filled in there. Oh my! Wish I had a small scoop from your amazing talents :)

  6. the table cloth is beautiful - I'm glad you never gave up on it!

  7. That tablecloth is a work of art! So perfect for the holidays. :) And I love the stocking, too, making one may be in my future...

  8. I love your home decors too, so welcoming! Your handmade pieces are in harmony with the rest of the display. The beautiful red tablecloth is wonderful :)

  9. Everything looks wonderful and so beautifully presented. Excellent! I have joined your followers list and would love to have you join me as well. Season's Greetings. Hugs, Gayle

  10. such a "sweet" home.I love how you arranged everything there. the table cloth is gorgeous and those quilts!Love the way your tree is decorated. Here this side,I am yet to start decorating home.. Merry Christmas!

  11. LOVE that table cloth!! fantasic shade of red!!

  12. so nice to see all the pictures. i love the red table clot...looks very elegant and love the picture too.

  13. Hi Pearlin, Can I come to your house for Christmas? I haven't done a bit of decorating, except Christmas towels in the kitchen. I love your tree and the glow of the candles and your sweet decorations. Aren't those stockings so easy to make? I've done bunches. Next week will fill them with chocolates and give them out. Hope you are having a great week. Happy holidays. Tammy

  14. PS Your crocheted table cover is gorgeous. I would never have the patience to finish something like that. Small doilies is about all I can handle. :) Tammy

  15. Beautiful decor, and most importantly, beautiful red tablecloth!


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