Happy New Year

Happy New Year dear friends.Wishing you all a  very wonderful  Year ahead filled with joy, love, happiness, great friendships and lots and lots of crafty goodness.
We got to attend  the very  first Watch Night Service in our Church this year For the past ten years , we did not have it in our Church.  It was just wonderful!
While I am happy with the progress I have made in Crochet, I am still lacking a lot in the Quilting, Sewing and Knitting department. I want to  improve on those ,this year.That is not to say I will not be crocheting at all. I am just saying I want to concentrate more on these this year. So  I thought it would be good to put down in words  some of my craft related goals for 2012  to keep me on track.
The  main things I want to do this year are..
  • Work from Stash( Last year I did the same but in the end, I fell to temptation.This year I will try and keep myself from temptation)
  • Finish  the WIPs
  • Finish one Christmas Project Every Month ( I worked on only snowflakes last year with the wreath in mind. This year, I want to finish some the Christmas Sewing WIPS I have left from last year. So that when Christmas comes around I ‘ll be all set.
Quilting Goals
  • 2  Medium quilts
  • 2 Home Décor quilts
  • To practice perfect finishing and then make a baby layette.
  • Bags
  • 1 Poncho
  • 2 Lace stoles
  • 2 table runners
  • Square Runner
  • Finish  WIPs
I’ve realized over time ,that I am not interested in painting like I once was. However, I still want to finish all the projects I started.
  • Finish  WIPs (I have completely left them unattended.)
So to keep  up with my New Year resolutions, I finished my table runner that I’ve been working on last year.The reason I took so long to finish it was , I could not decide between machine stitching the binding and hand sewing.Finally I settled on hand sewing and decided to finish it off. It did not take more than half an hour to finish it. And to think I waited soooo long to just get done with it! wip 2011
random 015random 019
It was helpful that the quilting instructions were given in the pattern. I stitched in the ditch around the pinwheels. And did stippling around the floral border.
The finishing instructions were not given for the runner.So I had to figure that out myself.  The instructions here at Idaho Quilter were helpful .While I am happy with the border , the binding I’ m not happy about.I should have done a 21/2” strip instead of the  2” strip I did.
I just wanted to share this video I found on You Tube  that was very helpful in burying those pesky knots.
I am tempted to try this pattern with  a Christmas fabric, and some purple ones too.
What are your crafty goals for the year 2012? Please do share.
A big shout out to my first two followers.Thank you Thank you for the support Open-mouthed smile
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  1. wow...that's a lovely attempt Pearlin...

  2. Happy New Year! I also have some goals this year, a christmas project everymonth is one among them. This runner, I was waiting to see the finish,I even asked you abt this once, It came out beautifully! now try it with a christmas theme!

  3. Happy New Year Pearlin!!!! Lovely finish...

  4. hey!! luv the new look of ur blog., i mean, the snapshots from home itself ..beautiful...


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