WIP Wednesday

My parents came last Tuesday just in time to celebrate my birthday and  my dad’s birthday. I can’t believe how quickly one week has flown past.Its been so wonderful tasting my mum’s yummy pineapple jam and fish pickle and all the other  goodies from our native town.Mum and I have been catching up on all the family stories as well.
I ‘m still working on the Survival stole now and then, but I’ll spare you all from seeing the pictures of the same thing over and over again
What's new is that ,I’ve  started on a little stitchery I found online. I ‘m sorry I don’t have the link to the pattern  as it is password protected now.Guess I was lucky !
I traced the pattern on a tissue paper straight away from the computer and then placed it on the fabric I was stitching on , and stitched on the tracing paper.After I finished stitching it, I tore away the tissue paper.I loved how easy it is and so wanted to share  this little tip with  you all.I’m sure the more experienced stitchers out there are well aware of this method.
birthday 011
random2 016
I’ve wanted to sew right from the beginning of this year but have not found the motivation to do so. So I have signed up for a bag workshop.I always have trouble choosing fabric for sewing.The first one I ‘ve decided to go with my safe colours as I like to call them, red black and mustard.That’s an easy choice for me.The black fabric has a slight sheen on it.The red one , I love the print on it.
fabric choices 007
The next one I’m not too sure of , but I still thought they’d look nice together .What do you all think? I hope to complete atleast one bag on Friday Smile
fabric choices 009
And on the hook are these little squares. I changed up the colours entirely.
random2 015



  1. Are you making a 'Home Sweet Home' design? I see a 'H' and 'O'. I've been searching for a design for 'Home sweet home'. Can't wait to see your bags.. the fabric choices are great. what are your plans for the crochet squares?

    1. Yes I 'm making the Home Sweet Home pattern . too bad the site is closed now.Those crochet squares are for a runner.

  2. Wow, you are one busy woman! The H in the embroidery is too cute.

  3. Home Sweet Home, cute idea! enjoy busy time!

  4. Your "safe colours" should work out lovely! Can't wait to see the bag!

  5. I love your Home Sweet Home. It's going to be so cute.

  6. The embroidery is very cute!!Looking forward to see the bags!!


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