Run Around Bag

The finished Run Around Bag.As much as I love the fabric in this bag and  did manage to  learn  quite a  few  new things at the workshop, this bag is my least favourite of all the bags I made so far.The best part of the workshop was I got to meet some of loveliest ladies I’d known ,after a long break .
The interfacing I got was totally useless and I had to borrow some from the instructor. I had to rip and stitch a couple of times, which was a little nerve wreaking as  everyone else had finished their bags and were waiting for me to finish. Our  calm collected instructor  along with the rest of the  lovely ladies , were so  supportive and cheered me on , till I got it right.
school day runaround bag 028
I still havn’t got the snaps.
Here are all the Run Around Bags together.Mine turned out smaller than the others because I messed up the measurements.
 runaround bag 006



  1. You did a fabulous job with that bag!!!!

  2. wow...that's a beautiful bag...and lovely pattern too...

  3. Love the bag design.. I wish we too had such workshops available here..

  4. Hello Pearlin,
    new to your blog.. so first up, I love your name.. I really enjoyed reading your blog and your FO pics..
    I too am in Kuwait.. but am working on my very first knitting project :) I'm interested in sewing too. Where do you attend these classes?


  5. Thanks for your kind words Jo. These workshops are part of KTAA .
    So nice to meet you :) Do keep in touch.


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