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so my mom was telling my brother about my tooth surgery  and he asks her, you mean the house was quiet for two whole days!!- People that don't know me think I'm quiet, people that know me wish I was Smile
I was a tad worried about removing the stitches, but it was needless , coz it hardly was anything to mention at all.
The children went for picnic to Wafra and came back with exciting  stories  of carrots , radishes being pulled out from the soil,fish caught and prepared for BBQ_that they were completely grossed out with the  killing and cleaning that was involved and have now stayed off the said food is another story_ which in turn piqued my parents’ curiosity about the place.
Friday since the weather was gorgeous , we made biryani and went on an impromptu picnic to Wafra.
Colourful Kites that we saw on the way
  Picnic 002
prompted us to stop by the  kite seller as we had to have one too 
Picnic 003
a makeshift shop
 Picnic 004
Saw camels of all sizes  and colours…. this desert actually had a sign board that said Arizona Smile
Picnic 006
Picnic 073
We plucked some wild flowers …. Spring is definitely here but the weather in Kuwait is unable to make its mind  ….so one day  the weather is gorgeous, the next day, its either dusty or freezing and are both. Seriously Winter , go away, make way for Spring.
Picnic 025
and saw vegetable farms 
Picnic 055
We cracked up at the name
Picnic 067
Picnic 062
Picnic 075
Picnic 069
Mule cart
Picnic 049
Picnic 044Picnic 033Picnic 032Picnic 079
We ended up enjoying  more  than we expected .


  1. Lovely picnic.. thanks for sharing the pics.. and, nice to see the sampler progressing nicely..can't wait to see it finished..

  2. I absolutely adore that picture with the flowers - it is just SO perfect! Thanks for sharing your lovely day

  3. Sounds like lots seen and done. Good job on the "H" ... I'd never have known it wasn't part of the original design unless you'd said!

  4. Thanks for sharing, I loved all your pics, and your embroidery is really beautiful!


  5. Eek, sorry about the tooth surgery! But I love seeing the photos of your outing, and of your lovely embroidery. :)

  6. Hope the Biryani turned out good... "People that don't know me think I'm quiet, people that know me wish I was"....This made me smile :) :)Waiting to see the Finished "Home sweet home" pictures... it looks promising indeed

  7. Hi Pearlin. You know, I kept wondering why you weren't posting -- and then I remembered the other day that you had changed your blog site -- so thankfully it came up in my history. I can't change my sidebar to update old blogs so I haven't been able to change yours there. And it doesn't seem like everyone I follow comes up in my dashboard. Very aggravating. Oh well! I can see that you have been very busy crocheting and making purses. I haven't gone to anymore of the textile meetings -- once I get home, I just don't want to get back out. I don't mind so much if the meeting is at someone's house in Salwa, but I don't want to try to the Sadu House. Driving in the morning is bad enough -- driving at night is just crazy. I prefer to stay safe and sound at home. Can you believe I've been in Kuwait 17 years and I've never, ever been out to Wafra. Looks like you had a great time. Weather sure is finicky these days. Hope you have a great weekend. Tammy

  8. PS Forgot to mention that I love your Home Sweet Home embroidery too. :)

  9. Thanx for sharing all the pics Pearlin.enjoyed going thru them!your embroidery has come out really well.congrats!:)


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