WIP Wednesday

I went to the bag workshop and it was wonderful! I will post pictures of the finished bag on FO Friday if all goes well- A has a picnic  he’s planning to go to from Sunday School. I might get busy and not post too.
I still need to put snaps on the bag. I couldn’t get hold of the big size snaps I needed for it.
Anyways… I’ve finished one more letter of the Home Sweet Home stitchery , 001
another one is half way there.  I really like tracing on the tissue.I find it quicker and easier than tracing on fabric. 003
I’ve been told to keep off crafts and computer for sometime because of pain in my neck and arms. Its really hard but I ‘m taking it all slow now.


  1. I'm really loving this series of stitchery you are doing.. can't wait to see the bag you finished. take care of your health.. get some rest if you can.. Hope the aches go away soon..

  2. Oh, take care and get well soon. Cannot wait to see the finished item.


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