A quick catch up

My parents left Kuwait this Tuesday .I was so busy with them that  I had to take an unintended break.
Our dear Kuwait has still been unable to make up her mind about the climate she wants to have!So we have gorgeous days,gloomy days, dusty hot days or all together on the same day!Every little opportunity we got,a  good day aka dust free day, which were few and far between , we went out …….first to see the  lights from the National day/ Liberation day celebrations
amma appa 2 006 amma appa 2 007
and later to visit an old souk. I think it is called souk Mubarakiya
 amma appa 2 023
This plant  that we call Manathakkali is usually found everywhere in everyone ‘s garden in our native place, they make curries and stir fries with it .The dried up berries are used in curries and are said to be good for health, but I wonder how it got here ?! This is the first time I am seeing it here.amma appa 2 024
 amma appa 2 028amma appa 2 027amma appa 2 029
The souk exudes an old world charm that I absolutely love.My mom couldn’t walk much so we just drove around in the car. I would like to go back another day to take in the sights and sounds and smells there
.amma appa 2 031

Our bougainvillea’s in full bloom , although I was expecting a rainbow hued bouquet, having  planted many colours together,I ‘m quite satisfied with the colour mix Smile.It puts a smile on my face every time I look at it . I hope it does the same for people who pass in front of our building too.
amma appa 2 051
It has been ages since we went to the camel farm so on the pretext of taking our parents to visit, we went to see camels in the farmamma appa 2 068
There were some adorable babies
  amma appa 2 071
Babies and flowers, Spring is definitely here ,only the dust seems to come around non stop and spoil all the fun. The children , however,did have some lovely days with the school closing for the year.
If you are wondering where M is skating, its our complex swimming  pool that has been  left unattended to for so many months now.Apart from withdrawing all the facilities the building owner offered earlier, he has now gone ahead and raised the rent too.Surely I think it’s a ploy to make people move out without him having to give any concessions. The thought of a move is so intimidating. I hate moving/changing places, but we will cross the bridge when we reach it Smile
amma appa 2 042
amma appa 2 063
Now the children are in their new classes.It all going ok so far.
Easter Sunday was wonderful.We all got up early in the morning and went to a local park to play.Had breakfast at MacD and then lunch at a local restaurant called Orientale.We tried fish biryani,prawn roast masala .. Food was yummyAnd the service was good too.
amma appa 2 081


  1. Your mom is so very talented! The boys have grown so much, wow and I love your pretty flowers!!

  2. Looks like you had a great time with your parents. Yes, the weather is ever changing here. Isn't it awful what landlords will do! I've heard that lots of rents are going up lately. Everything keeps going up, except the salaries for expats like us. and those who have everything want more, more, more. Really irks me! Your mom's embroidery work is lovely! And your bougainvillea is beautiful! Wow! I must go get some from my balcony. Everything is looking a bit weather worn at this point from all the dust. Hope your weekend is going well. I do love weekends! Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Peralin,so you had lots of fun there,I just noticed, how tall your elder one is? I still remember him as a lil boy whn I first checked ur blog!
    and I love your bougainvilla!


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