Day out with Big B

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Last weekend , was really exciting.A and I got some alone time after such a loooong time! A was soo thrilled and M soo jealous even though he got to go out with dada. 
First I went and had my haircut at a new place.It was good.She gave me what  I wanted. Then A and I went to the Avenues Mall for our day out. A had been dying to try out Shake Shack ever since it came here about a year or so. Dh and I went soon after it opened, but we aren’t big fans of beef their burgers. A didn’t like their burgers either.(We got the shack stack. cheesey fries, Black and white shake for me and choc shake for A.) We loved the shakes and fries though.

We did a bit of shopping for A. Just strolled around the Mall for a while, then A went to check out the new arrivals at the electronic store. Have I ever mentioned here before ,that his absolute favourite thing to do is check out the latest gadgets in the electronic store? Well, it is!!!. So I got dragged all around the store and was given mini demos how each of gadgets worked , got a little brainwashed as to why I should go hi-tech and all . We had soo much fun!
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The start of this weekend looks rather dull with dust enveloping us. The nebulizers have been working full time. we might just stay home and take it slow.That our roses and bougainvillea's are blooming as the temperature keep soaring are little blessings that make us smile through it all.
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