the other doily

In hooky news, the other doily of the doily duo is all blocked and done.yarn and all 006
If you’ve been following this blog for a while, then you ‘d be able to recognise this one. Yup, I ‘ve made it before.  I gave that to my aunt , who I always say is my other mother. She has it framed in  her home in the U.S.  I havn’t seen how it looks though.
This time I decided to do a bead  edge. The green thread is DMC Perle’ Cotton 8. The pattern is from the same book Beautiful Crochet Lace Doily and Table Center.
yarn and all 008
I was going for the lilies in a pond look.Do you think the doily gives that impression?
 yarn and all 009
I finally untangled all my completely tangled and messed up Catania Cotton . I went from this yarn and all 001 
to this
yarn and all 002
Stacked in the box.
yarn and all 004
Does anyone else find untangling tangled yarns therapeutic ?am I  the only nutty  knotty one or  do I have a knotty soul sista out there?
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  1. I thought I saw a doily like that before. This rendition is just as pretty! Sounds like a fun day out with A. Boys and their gadget fancy, hehe... they never grow up right (yes husband, I'm looking at you!) ;)

  2. That doily is AMAZING!!! I cannot stop admiring it.
    And your newly organised and untangled cotton looks lush

  3. Your doily is gorgeous!
    I like to untangle yarn too. It feels nice to accomplish something.

  4. I find untangling yarns somewhat nice depends on what kind of mood I am in. Sometimes it can take a bad mood and make it better. And then again sometimes it can take a bad mood and make it worse.

  5. Aww that doily is really a work of art!
    And um. No. I hate untangling yarn. I wish I could magically transform my piles of yarn monsters into neat little skeins!! Wanna come over? ;)

  6. That doily is incredible and totally gives that illusion! LOVE IT!

  7. Wow this looks awesome. *stares at the pretty*

  8. This is so pretty and I am impressed at your untangling! I am a keen untangler myself - although these days I chuck the whole lot to Mr Myrtle because I am so short of precious time!

  9. Sounds like fun at the mall! I can't believe you managed to untangle all that cotton. I do NOT think I'd find that therapeutic AT ALL. But the doily looks fantastic!

  10. Very pretty doily...I have only made one...and yes I can see lilies on a pond

  11. Lilies on Pond Doily is very gorgeous!I dont find untangling yarn very theraputic, but once in a while I reorganise evrything.

  12. Wow, your doily is beautiful, so delicate! Your son is right about the gadgets, they are fun to go and play with.

  13. hey pearlin.....happened to surf thru ur blog......
    ur doily is lukin soo elegant, nthe beads just make it even more prettier...welldone....eveni hv been wandering here n tre to get started on bead crochet....god knows wen the lazywagon will move again tho...
    n i especially luv ur roses n bougainvilleas....wonder how u manage them so niccely here..
    as for the entangling....., u hv one ton of a patience te satisfction one gets aftr the threads come out in shape is indeed theraputic...
    keep upte spirit...

  14. Gorgeous doily, and it definitely looks like lillies in a pond!

  15. vow, those colours are so inviting

  16. Wow, I really love your doily! Liz

  17. thanks for all your lovely comments :)

  18. Very pretty doily and nice colours ! :) great work with those tangled threads, it requires lot of patience ! I am looking for a swap of tangled threads. Would you be interested ? Just kidding;)


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