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Now that I’m at my parent’s place, not much crafting has happened. My adorable little nephew and  M,  imps that they are ,make sure they have all our attention at all times!  Not to mention ,a certain  devil /  sweet angel teen, thrown into the mix. We’ve been travelling a lot;going on picnics to nearby places and visiting relatives .

In other news, M turned eight yesterday…  we had a cozy little celebration at home .Dada was sorely missed, even though there were many sweet gifts and surprises from him for M throughout the day .
Here is M and my little nephew spilling over with excitement  while I’m trying to light the candles without hurting anyone.
steve's bday 2012 054
this summer also will be remembered as the year M learnt to ride the cycle without trainers. Big B is very proud !
steve's bday 2012 011


  1. Looks like you're having a great summer! Love the pictures!!

    1. Yes Preeti, its a nice vacation this year.thank you :)

  2. I also bought Laura thread from Pradhan during my last trip...i have not used it yet...but looks lovely...Enjoy your holidays

    1. Laura Cotton is really nice to work with Nima and services from Pradhan very prompt.Thank you :)


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