Life on Planet Pearl #1

A random collection of  pictures from my Instagram.
snowflake garland
This was going to be a table runner and then I lost interest in it. It was lying around for a long time when it suddenly struck me I could use it for a garland. So up it went on the doorway to the boys room
peacock feathers
Peacock feathers that we found in our father’s garden now add colour to our living room.
After the horrid summer it’s a miracle this little plant survived.What a joy to see these buds shooting up.
a coaster corner
A little coaster I made and  my eldest son’s favourite  toy car decorate the top of the printer along with a little calendar with daily inspirational message on it.
 practising piano
My eldest learnt to play by ear the song My Heart will Go  on and wanted to play it for me.I sat  and listened while I crocheted.He didn’t make many mistakes.
steve's note
My little one leaves the random little notes all over the house. I love finding them when I clean up
the house..
view from Saravana Bhavan
The First Friday after we came here, hubby took us for lunch at the newly opened Saravana Bhavan hotel here.This was the view from our the colours in the pictures.
Pinwheel in our Bougainville  pot with water and food dish for the pigeons that come to visit us.
fish podimas
A quick and yummy fish podimas that I came up with , for dinner.


  1. Hi Pearlin,

    I am your new follower from India! I liked the colorful coasters in your last post :)

    Also inspiring thing I found is the tab 'goals 2012' ; I think I must also keep a list of to do items in my blog which will keep me motivated :) do visit me:)

    1. Thank you Preeti.So nice to meet you .Thanks for following me.I'll follow you back on google reader :)

  2. Another Preeti here:) Great snippets… thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Preeti.Its always nice hearing from you :)


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