Small beginnings

This week ,I’ve been in a kind of funk.It has not been a nice week. My grandaunt passed away and with her, all of the older generation have now gone.Its an end of an era in so many ways for us and it feels soo weird.Like my cousin wrote on her FB status, even if we are all prepared for the goodbyes, its never easy to say goodbyes and when we do, it takes away a part of us.It really does. 
I started a couple  projects  hoping to cheer myself up. One of it is the Granny Patchwork blanket.
This is  going to be my biggest project ever.I usually keep away from huge projects fearing that I will lose interest halfway through it. For this one though I think the colour change will keep me interested.We will have to see though. The yarn is Stylecraft DK Lucy Pack.I got it from Deramores when I was in India. I was really impressed with their service and so excited that I could finally shop online.That the people at the post office thought  I was  receiving pillows from UK, is a story for another day Winking smile
The other project is Something Pretty square.I’m planning to make a bag. Have you noticed since the beginning of this year, I have only made squares predominately?DSCN7207
Strange, I never noticed until today!! Smile .A big wave and Hi to my newest followers on Google and Facebook. Welcome Welcome Open-mouthed smile.I hope you continue reading and commenting on my blog.


  1. love the new look , Pearlin..the page looks very cute.

    1. thank you Sona.So nice too see you on my blog after such a long time :)

  2. Pretty colours. Crocheted items are very comforting :)

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Hareesh
      pleasantly surprised to see you here :) Thank you

  4. Hey Pearlin. Sorry to hear about your aunt's passing. The older we get, the more that is bound to happen. Last time I visited, you were heading out of Kuwait -- I'm glad to see that you are back. It's been a crazy month for me with back to school. With the government schools starting today, traffic was so awful this morning. My kids both got their first tardies. :/ I have such a headache right now. I like your colorful grannies. The blanket I finished was made sort of hodge podge -- grannies and stripes with no pattern, just making it up as I went along. Next time I might should plan a little better. Ha! Are you going to any of the meetings for KTAA? I got an email about the nightly meetings to start next month for the Fiber Group but last year was such a disaster, I don't even know if I want to bother. I don't want to go to Sadu House in the evenings. Now if I wasn't working, I would definitely be there for the morning meetings. Anyways, hope you have a good week. Take care! Tammy

  5. Sorry to hear about your aunt! I hope this blanket will be a reminder of happy times spent with her.

  6. That blanket will be beautiful when it is finished. I love the colours.



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