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Inspiration suddenly struck and I decided to work on these squares instead of the granny patchwork
this week.I’m planning on lining it, adding a pocket for mobile and a key ring .I have no idea how to go about it.Smile But will get to that, when I finish stitching all these squares together.Might take a long time
or maybe not!
wip 002
The Micro spun yarn I ‘m using for this project  splits but also has a lovely sheen .
The weather has cooled down a wee bit and there are two teeny tiny roses on our rose plant. Yay! it has
survived the summer!
 rose 001
We’ll have a crazy busy week the coming week as the boys  have their first assessments  for this term.
While the Imp has informed me that he has chosen to drop out of school  forever and nothing I say would
change his mind (This , from one who has mostly got A plus and A s on his report.I wonder what makes
him dislike school so much!!!) ;Big B has declared that he is going to be a rapper and “he don’t need no
education for that”!! sigh..
It’s a phase rt? please say yes and a prayer too,  that I come out sane at the end of it
all. For we have something wonderful to look forward to after that Open-mouthed smile
Thank you for the new likes on my FB page.A hearty welcome .I really hope you enjoy your stay Smile.


  1. I love the squares. They are so pretty. Also yay your mini roses survived XD

  2. Lovely squares. And for the boys. Well, ... it's tough. I'm happy that I'm over it. I couldn't bear having the boys in school any longer.

    1. Thank you Babajeza.You are lucky to have crossed that stage :)

  3. Your squares are beautiful! I love the color combination.

  4. Very pretty squares and I like your combination of colors.


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