Rosa Caponcho

This past week I did not have much knitting/crochet time.The reason being, it’s the exam week for the boys  It has been a crazy tug of war to make them concentrate and study. I cast on  for my very first poncho . Very easy and quick knit.The timing seemed pretty good as the  calming and almost meditative stockinette stitch helped me from getting wound up in a knot with all the antics these boys pulled on me to keep themselves from studying!


The yarn is repurposed yarn, from a sweater  I made  for A a long time ago. He outgrew it too fast1137183809_a41c0a8f0f_z

and I decided to use the yarn for this


The picture of the Caponcho hanging like that looks good but I’m not  100% happy with it. I would have liked it a little longer.Its all my fault! I should have read all the project notes of others who made it before me!!! I think I must redo this one.


  1. Well, I do not have any idea about Caponchos but I feel its lot of effort you have put in there . You may add a crochet border and few embellishments, it will work I guess!:)

    1. I thought of that Preeti but it looks a kind of bulky on me.Its the neck I think. :) thanks for dropping by .

  2. It looks great! You could roll the neck down like a turtleneck and fasten it down with an oversized button to snaz it up! The color is fab.

  3. thank you Preeti.. I was kind of frustrated it didnot turn out to my liking so I tinked it and I'm redoing it :) I too love the colour


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