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Over the week I  worked on this bag with the sole aim of having it ready for FO Friday. DSCN7219
The  only reason for that is , now my FB page has fifty five likes and a new follower to my blog!Soo super cool people , thank you for  inspiring me to get better at what I do. Open-mouthed smileAnd welcome.
When I saw the  picture of the bag on Casey plus 3 ‘s place ,I  was tempted to make one for myself as  I loved the shape of the bag.The yarn was a gift from Shanna.I used a F hook. The crocheting part was easy, as its just joining squares.Lining the bag was inevitable as the finished bag was kind of holey.What s the  point in making bags if they have holes in them and things keep falling out of the bag?! So decided to go ahead and line it.Its always the lining part that  has me tearing my hair scratching my head!! I do not hate sewing or lining, (Infact, I have grown to love my sewing machine) I just hate that it always takes  much longer to get the lining part done than the actual bag itself. Having to figure it all myself kind of annoyed me. Yes, I like to have it all handed down on a platter to me Smile with tongue out.In step by step picture tutorial or better still a video tute.please.Thank you.
I  think  I did a fairly decent job with a lining, even though I am not 100% happy with it.The pocket however I’m well pleased with.I thought it was too big and too deep, but it turned out to be just right.
This Cute fabric , I got super cheap from Daiso for 500 fils.. Its not quilting cotton,its thin cotton but I love how perfectly it matches the bag.DSCN7221
For the handle,I decided to use these braided leather handles I’ve had for ages. I felt the crocheted ones would sag given the yarn material. Lily Sugar and Cream and Laura Cotton would be the ideal for bags in my opinion. I just crocheted the handles  in as I did SCs around. I decided to forgo the closure for the bag as it seems unnecessary right now.Only as I start using it , will I know if I made the right decision or not.DSCN7222


  1. I feel so sad for your children - give them a hug for me.

    I love your new bag - it's very pretty and the lining does match perfectly. :)

  2. Your bag is lovely!
    I'm so sorry about the bird. Death is such a hard life lesson for children.

  3. That is the sweetest, saddest story! Your boys cherish life and that is just so precious:) congratulations on your FB followers:):)

  4. Ooh, the lining is so cute, Pearlin! The bag is lovely of course, makes me want to make myself :)
    I agree, even the death of a bird is a sad experience for children.

    1. thank you Mimi.Its been soo long! Great to see you here :)

  5. WOW chithi the bag's sooo pretty!! You're so talented! I've been admiring all your cool creations as I'd just joined the fan club :)

  6. aww Snehama I 'm so thrilled to see you here!!. Thank you for your kind words da :D

  7. Hello Pearlin , thanx a million for visiting my blog and posting such an inspiring comment.infact i was needing it aft the long black out as i have mentioned in my post. hope with all your kind support i'll be able to be back in action:)..This bag is really beautiful..the handles and the lining fabric are also quite catchy:) triggered an urge to visit our Diaso here:)))btw, i have heard that attaching lining to crocheted thigs are bit of a headache.. but am sure experts like you and Nima must have alrdy crossed tat difficult phase:)Congrats Pearlin.

  8. Wow fantastic bag! i love the bag and the lining. The colours are perfect.

  9. So sad when we went to help the little creatures but sometimes it a little tender loving care just isn't enough. Your boys did the best we could and that's a good thing. I hate seeing all these kids who think it is great fun to take a slingshot and kill the little birdies.

    Your purse is beautiful! I don't sew at all so the lining would be beyond my skill set. I didn't know they had fabric at Daiso -- but why not, they seem to have just about anything else -- except nice washi tape which is what I would really like to get. :)

    Hope you are having a great week. Tammy

  10. A cute bag... Loved it.. Kids become more upset in such situation. I remember my nephew's sorrow for more than one month, on the death of his favourite little rabbit as it happened by falling a stool on its neck.

  11. Olá,

    Adoro malas de crochet. Os seus trabalhos são muito bonitos! Parabéns! Já estou seguindo os seus trabalhos.

  12. wow you really make some truly beautiful things!
    I love to look around other bloggers sites to be inspired (:

    Have a nice new year!

    Oh btw feel free to join my international crochet pattern giveaway here

  13. please join my blog if you like it


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