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Hello lovely people….I see  a couple more followers on my blog  and facebook page.Thank you for taking interest in this little space of mine. I hope you will enjoy your stay here.

The change in weather is so obvious now.Its hardly five in the evening, and the sky is already getting dark.

I’m working on a couple of things, my granny patchwork blanket,my little Home Sweet Home quilt and the Rosa caponcho.

I should have finished the Home Sweet Home quilt today.But more ripping than stitching happened. I was a little disappointed that I couldnot finally strike off this quilt from my  to do  list.I like finishing things so I decided to work on a couple of ideas that had been swimming in my head for sometime now.

It all started when I found these earring hooks (sterling silver) at a store here. And then I came across these little charms and I decided to make these  earrings with them


These Jhumkis are my favourite though. I’m planning to make more these in other  colours as wellDSCN7982


This curlycue idea came from the  Triad Wrap  I   made recently.


Thinking of making some of these with beads  too


  1. Lovely earrings! The Jhumkis are my favourites too.

  2. Very pretty ! I liked the jhumki and the curlycue very much :) Does the shape of the jhumki remains firm? Did you starch them ?

    1. thank you Preeti .No I didnot starch them, it holds shape by itself :)

  3. Such cuties! I love the dragonflies the best!


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