The things  I love most about the Christmas season are the special Christmas programs we have in our church. Christmas carol service, the carolers coming home to sing and the Sunday school Christmas program.

We had a lovely Carol service and despite being a novice choir, our program went rather well even if I say so myself.


Then there was Villupaattu featuring the life of Ruth.This is the second one in our church and was just as entertaining as the first one,if not more.Incase you donot remember me posting about it last year, its here

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The children in our Church put up an adorable Christmas program.Except for A, the oldest in the group , the others kids are all in primary school. So it was extremely entertaining. The manger setup with dried palm leaves was the talk of the event next to the antics of the pint-sized angels and shepherd boys.563808_567302096620286_120629543_n577939_4541534250546_401306613_n


A was the compere and also the Santa. He did  a pretty good job of both. M was one of the Wise men. M was to say his one line  to King Herod, in the little skit they put up,” Where is the King of the Jews born?” Right when he had to say it, he forgot what he had to say and Big Brother pitched in  and said his line as well .

photo (2)

I love this time of the year.

The slight dip in temperature made me start this project in the first place.However, in all honesty I’ve been wearing light cardigans or scarves and feeling extremely hot and sweaty Smile 01RR

This cowl  I made  with Lion brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick yarn is super warm and would be ideal for covering up on a cold cold day.When the day comes , I’ll be well prepared.


  1. so nice to see all christmas pictures...your cowl looks nice too.

  2. I love little ones' Christmas programs! Mine are now all grown, so no more. I need to find a friend's child to go watch. LOL. Love the cowl! These are now mu go to gift!

  3. Thank you for sharing your picture! And, the cowl looks great!!!

  4. Adorable little boy! He looks like he is taking that role very seriously.

    I've made many a happy project with that Lion Brand Thick and Quick. Love the cowl! I hope it gets cool enough to wear soon!

  5. So sweet that big bro' filled in the lines for lil bro', awww!


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