Getting Ready for Christmas #2

Christmas Cheer has swept over our lives these past few days. We’ve been practicing for Choir programme on the 4th, the children for their Sunday school programme on the 11th.Inbetween ,we got in and out of  every saree shop  in and around our area, trying to find uniform sarees for our program.Which was then followed by the blouse stitching and delivering the blouse and saree to each of the ladies .We’ve been busy.
Amidst all this frenzied excitement,  more craziness is happening side by side with packing and sorting in the J household, as we are moving as well! So we’ve not put up the Christmas tree . I made a quick wreath, with wire hanger and a tinsel paper I had lying around the house,to hang on the door. That will be the only thing welcoming the carolers to our home on the 6th. I almost forgot to post about this little wreath of mine.
christmas 001
I first thought of hanging these little ornaments I made also on the wreath but then changed my mind.All the multi coloured stars I made and planned to hang on my tree with little bells attached to them will have to wait till next year I guess.
christmas 004
So it simply hangs on the door like this.I might add a gingham ribbon in blue or green later on.
christmas 006


  1. Wow its so beautiful Chithi!!

  2. so nice to see you getting ready for christmas...i have not finished making up stuff...

  3. colourful..frm wre did u get tat shiny kind of yarn for the stockings.....tey r sooo pretty


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