Masalamah Kuwait

So many memories..I have been trying to  recollect all of them. I really do not want to miss a thing. I’m so glad I recorded some here on this blog.I’m so thankful for this incredible opportunity ,God gave us in this once strange land.Its no longer strange , its more home than home itself now. We have been led by His Hand .So many people have touched our lives.We have known family that isn’t really family . I will miss our lovely pastor, he was our biggest moral support.
I have lived ten years asthma  free .I will miss this flat we have lived in, with its bright balcony and large glass window .I will miss the sun.  I will miss my maid and my driver…they’ve been a big support system.Trustworthy ,dependable.
I am thankful for the new life perspectives,the understanding ,new appreciation for this culture that was so hard to understand when we first used to read about in the Bible.I have gained  it all while living here.
I am so proud that my two boys embraced the life that they had here and are ready to let go as well and return someday. I know they will  miss their friends, splashing in the pool together running in and out of each other’s house at odd times, their movie parties, their video shoots. I will miss my own wonderful friends… the luxury of skip hop jumping into yarn stores. So many things we took for granted but I know will look back and fondly reminisce about later on.
Unlike earlier times, where I get overwhelmed by changes, I am ready for this change. Although a little emotional, I am looking forward to it .I ‘m not  perturbed by the enormity of the packing or the complete change, we are having. Because I feel the Lord has been leading us throughout. I will be taking a long break  I hope you will all stay with me through it all and be there when I come back to this space . Until then  take care you all and send us all the best wishes you can. Maasalmah Kuwait, You will always be a special part of our lives.


  1. Blessings for your move Pearlin...hope that blog lands will not miss you ...looking forward to read your updates...Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to you.

  2. Your post made me teary-eyed! God speed, my friend, as you and your family embrace all of the new, exciting adventures ahead and cherish the special, lasting memories you made together xx

  3. Ten Pearlin, lots of memories indeed. I'm glad to get a glimpse of your life there through your blog. I'm also looking forward to know your next adventures when you come back here :)

  4. Hi Pearlin, when are you leaving? Sometimes I can't even believe I've been here 18 years. Wishing you all the best with the move. Take care! Tammy

  5. Pearlin-
    I have just loaded your blog into the draft post for my Grow Your Blog party -- so you are all set! Remember thedate is January 19 -- see you there!!


  6. Very nice post and interesting to read, I love visiting this blog.

  7. Will you keep posting on another Blog?

  8. Thank you my dear friends.We are slowly settling in. Nicole I've been thinking about it that's why I haven't posted here yet :)


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