Exploring Karangahake Gorge

My mom joked the other day that we seem to be on one big vacation and doing no work at all. True! we’ve been to so many places here in the four months we’ve been here, than we did  a whole year over in Kuwait!
After a lovely Good Friday Service , we went camping over the Easter Weekend, (another first! we had a long weekend starting from Good Friday that went on till Tuesday)  to a camping site called Pacific Christian Camp.
Enroute we decided to explore a couple of walks on the Karangahake gorge  and had our own Indiana Jones style adventure walking through pitch dark , wet tunnels dotted with glow worms; rugged rocks and deep gorge on the side for company.
I even did a little Indiana Jones “dishang dishang “( that’s the sound of my imaginary pistols ) act for M, when he commented it looked like I was brandishing a gun holding my camera on my shoulder as we were walking on a rail track there .
We also had a chance to peek into the remnant of an era gone by, where once upon a time the gold mining industry flourished.
Papamoa Christian Camp 319
Papamoa Christian Camp 318
Information boards scattered all over the place give details about the rich history of this place, situated amidst the picturesque setting , adding much to the nostalgic aura of the place.
We crossed over a couple of  swing bridges with the naughty boys in the family shaking it some more ,to scare the girls in the family.
Papamoa Christian Camp 111
It sure was scary, but the pathways are soo well laid out that it was a pleasure walk there and not difficult at all. We had to remind ourselves to breath !such is the grandeur of the place! the pictures do no justice at all!  Papamoa Christian Camp 265photo (7)Papamoa Christian Camp 273

Someone cracked a joke,
Papamoa Christian Camp 230,
another  got philosophical
Papamoa Christian Camp 279
Robert Frost’s Road not Taken …
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both….

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost
a few others tried new antics
Papamoa Christian Camp 266
while a certain couple who shall not be named,  had a bit of romance going Winking smilePapamoa Christian Camp 225
the entire family ganged up to scare the slower walkers in the family,aka hubby and me, by jumping on us after hiding in one of these tunnels. Isn’t it funny how adults also become kids at these times  adding up to the jolly mood?!Laughter echoing through the rocks ,we held hands and groped our way through some of these tunnelsPapamoa Christian Camp 118
Torches are advised in these pitch dark tunnels, we  however,went in promptly ignoring the sign boards  then remembered we had torches on our Iphones and Iphones saved the day, folks Open-mouthed smilePapamoa Christian Camp 232
Checking out the ruins of the stamp battery Papamoa Christian Camp 282Papamoa Christian Camp 316Papamoa Christian Camp 245
We came back  and a had little picnic of pasta by the Ohinemuri river , and started for our next destination photo (6)
which was Pacific Christian Camp


  1. Fun times and the perfect spot for a picnic!

    1. it was a lovely trip Preeti.Thank you

  2. Well now, you certainly wouldn't find anything like that in Kuwait. In fact, not much to see here at all, which is why I prefer to stay home and crochet. Looks like an absolutely wonderful trip! Such a beautiful area. We went on one of those swing bridges in Sri Lanka. Scary indeed. Have a great rest of the week. Breathe some fresh air for me. Ha! :) Tammy

    1. yes its totally different here than in Kuwait.Although a lot of people donot agree, New Zealand reminds me of Srilanka a lot!You too have a wonderful week Tammy

  3. it was lovely to read Pearlin...thank you for sharing..glad to see you are enjoying the new place

    1. Thank you Nima.so good to hear from you :)

  4. sure u having a great time there, Pearlin. enjoy!

    1. Yes Sona, after seeing the desert sand , this is so refreshing :)

  5. Oooh! Scary gorge but looks very exciting too!

    1. it was a wonderful trip .Thanks for dropping by.

  6. Wow!! Looks like you had so much fun and the place is just amazing!


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