Ngaruwahia Christian Youth Camp

The past weekend we went to Ngaruawahia Christian Youth Camp organized by our Church. It’s a beautiful camp , with the woods on one side and plenty of activities for the children to try. we had a lovely heated cabin with bunk  beds to sleep in
and woke up to a lovely misty morning scene.
which later cleared up and we could see the beautiful woods and meadows on the hill.
My boys made friends pretty quickly and started playing Cricket.
Learnt the basics of football and Rugby from the bigger boys in the Church
Later A tried Kayaking and
and M went paddle boating.
Both of them tried Flying fox
I can’t believe how independent this little guy has  now become !.
then they went on to swim in ice cold water
hubby and I  took a walk in the woods
it was so beautiful! we could have sat there for hours
and stared at the  cattle grazing, the fan tail flitting from one branch to another near us
and the wild mother duck with her brood of ducklings…oh so protective, look at her cautious eyes ,keeping watch for her babies that walk rather oblivious to the dangers lurking around. This little scene really touched my heart. it always does!
we climbed up a hill and were greeted with this lovely view overlooking the camp building.  it was just the lovely place to sit and chat our hearts out, which we naturally did.
The red roof is where we had our church gathering,
games,  movies and  board games at night.
and dinner
On our  way back   we visited  the Hamilton Gardens
and walked through a couple  of  specially designed theme gardens
Before going to have a peek at the rose garden and calling it a day.


  1. It all sounds heavenly! What a gorgeous camp (and gardens, too) I, too, am always amazed at the dedication and love our fellow creatures have for their young.

    So nice to meet you! Thanks so much for joining in this week.


    1. Thank you for dropping by Claudia.So nice to meet you too :)

  2. What a beautiful place to be. I bet you are so happy now that you get to enjoy the great outdoors again and all that it has to offer. Sure is a far cry from what you would see here in Kuwait. Enjoy every single second! Tammy

    1. Its really lovely Tammy. Thank you .

  3. Gorgeous! Looks like the ziplining was so much fun!!

  4. Thanks Preeti , yeah everyone who tried it loved it :)

  5. a very hearty post, Pearlin. njoyed the clicks !!!


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