Pretty Easy Coasters

The sun shines brightly , the skies seems clear  but man o man is it cold or what!! Dh and I went out for a quick grocery run and I came back with my teeth clattering. I never really liked Winter anyway   and I can’t wait for the  summer sun. Every time I get a chance, I try to stay in the warmth of my home as close as possible to the heater . And yes , there has been a lot of crocheting .I made these coasters and decided to write down the pattern and do a picture tutorial too for the benefit of absolute beginners.
Skill Level

Thread of your choice, suitable size hook,scissors
Row :1 Make a magic loop and three chain  Count as 1 dc and work 11 more dc into the loop.Close the ring by pulling on the tail, and join the round by slip stitching in the top chain of 
the starting ch3.(12 dc)

Row : 2 Chain 3 (counting as 1 dc), work another dc in the same stitch, then work 2dc in each stitch around. Join with a slip stitch in the top ch of the starting ch3. (24). Finish off.
Row 3: Join the next 2sc, then *1sc 2sc* around. Join with a slip stitch in the top  of the starting sc. (36)

Row:4 Work 1 sc  into each of the stitches all around.Join  with a slip stitch in the first sc. Finish off (36)

Row:5: Join the third colour . Work Ch 4 ( counts as 1dc 1ch), then work *1dc 1ch* all around.
Join in the 3rd ch of the first Ch4 with a slip stitch.Finish off.

Row 6: Join the second colour you previously used  , Ch 3 ,dc in the next 1 ch space, 1dc on the next dc  around.(72)

Row 7:3ch ,1dc in the next stitch and every other stitch around.(72) Join with a sl st in the third ch of the first 3ch .Finish off (72)
Row 8 :Make another one. I like to do both simultaneously

Keeping the wrong sides together and the right sides facing you,match stitches ,Insert the hook through both the stitches,sc around to join the two pieces together.

join with slip stitch and finish off._DSC0426
Row  :9  Join third colour 2ch in the first stitch, 1hdc in the next stitch. Ch 4 , skip one stitch 2hdc in the next stitch around. Join with sl st in the second ch of the first two ch .Finish off and weave in ends.

Your Pretty Easy Coaster is done! Enjoy Smile
This ismy first time writing patterns  so if you find any mistakes, please feel free to let me know.
* Please donot  copy, sell or publish this pattern.This  pattern is for personal use  only.


  1. wow! lovely colours and thats one real classy scissors, u have in there, Pearlin !

    1. Thanks Sona :) I got it as a gift

  2. They look really lovely! On another note... Yu won the giveaway on my blg last month! Ive emailed you re the prize. Can you please get in touch with me so we can organise delivery? Thanks and congrats!

    1. Ooo thank you Leonie. I'm just beyond thrilled!

  3. I love those colours Pearlin, and the tute pics are well taken.

    1. Thanks Ninu, means a lot to hear it from you :)

  4. Congrats on the tutorial ! Your coasters look pretty and color combination is very nice!!

  5. Your tutorial is great, I've bookmarked it to make coasters when I need a quick gift! Thanks for sharing.

  6. So pretty! Great tutorial.

  7. Wow so many crochet tutorials this week... if only I was a crocheter!
    Love your coasters, very pretty.

    1. Thank you :) its not that difficult to learn to crochet , you really shd give it a go :)

  8. I might have to try these - so sweet!

    1. Please do n let me know thank you :)

  9. Your coasters are beautiful, I love the yarn! Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

  10. Lovely! I'll have to make one of these! Thanks for the tutorial! x

  11. I just love colourful coasters. Yes, I do.
    When a friend said to me today that crochet reminds her of her early teenage years in the seventies, I told her that SHE was oldfashioned (not me). Obviously she has missed something. ;-)

    1. Thank you. Oh yes ur friend has missed something ;)

  12. Really lovely coasters, and a great tutorial. I think your blog is great!

  13. beautiful colours pearlin

  14. Hello, congratulations on your blog!
    If you can visit this blog:
    Thank you for your attention

  15. Oh these coasters are lovely and thanks for the tutorial. A few weeks ago I went to a beginners crochet class and have been making a mountain of granny square. WIll have to give these a go I think, thanks.

    1. thanks Christine. I hope you will give them a go and let me know :)

  16. Oh these coasters are lovely and thanks for the tutorial. A few weeks ago I went to a beginners crochet class and have been making a mountain of granny square. WIll have to give these a go I think, thanks.


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