Happy 15th Big B

Heartbreaking as it that dada wasn't here for your birthday, you did amazingly well dear one. You've adjusted to the new school so well.this is the first year, you took sweets to distribute in school. You were quietly excited.
Thathi took so much time picking out your new clothes and you really liked it.She also made your favorite biryani.
Planting plants is a little tradition at thatha s home and seeing that you have a very green thumb, thatha likes to have you plant all his plants.
After all the hardtimes we had in NZ, you weren't in a mood to celebrate .
Anyways,we had a quiet birthday celebration with dada face timing with us as we cut your birthday cake and us going out to eat at your favorite restaurant Marry Brown. Ha ! you have missed your burgers and pizzas in our small town.

I love you baby.


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