The much awaited monsoons are here. My dad planted several mango saplings in his garden and was getting quite edgy when the showers of blessings were delayed by a few days! Now every time, it rains, there is a smile on his face and my mom gets that dreamy faraway look in her eyes. We love the rains no doubt and the brighter shade of green the plants have put on.
The boys had Deepawali holidays for three days, they got crackers , mostly sparklers and flowerpots and had a blast! 
Before that they had  a week of traditional Tamil games in school.Which introduced them to a  whole new world . They enjoyed it very much as well. I keep saying how proud of them for having embraced life in India so well. We've visited India almost every year but navigating through the ways of this part of the  world is a new ball game altogether  and they 've done amazingly well.I know because even after growing up in India ,when we moved from one small town to another, I had a hell of a time adjusting and still refuse to call it my home townMy things from NZ have still not arrived; well, it has arrived in India,but it's still with Indian customs because of whatever reason only known to the customs high officials there! It has been extremely frustrating to say the least. More so because my sewing machine and other craft supplies aka yarn, thread , fabric etc are in there.
Oh I Digress.


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