Round Granny Coasters

Round Granny Coasters
Hello lovely people,
How are you all doing? we are doing good so far. Sorry I have not been able to visit your blogs and comment on them.Thank you for visiting me and posting lovely comments here on my blog.I have not been keeping well and hence the absence from the regular blog scene.Kindly excuse me.
My boys have been troopers these couple of months. I'm really proud of the way they have coped with our situation; it has not been easy but they've been Ace! 
This little coaster is actually an offshoot of the previous one and I just posted it here just so I won't forget how I made it. I hope you all like it.
Round granny coaster
Skill Level
Various Colours of Laura Knitting Cotton
Hook F/5- 3.75 mm
This pattern is written in American Terms
Stitches :
Sc= Single Crochet
Dc= Double Crochet
Hdc=Half Double Crochet
Row :1  Make a magic loop and three chain  (Count as 1 dc )and work 1more dc then 1 chain , then work  2 dc , 1 ch . Repeat 4 more times into the loop.Close the ring by pulling on the tail, and join the round by slip stitching in the top chain of the starting ch3.( 6 (2 dc 1 ch)) finish off.
Row :2 Join new colour in the one chain space , Ch 3 (count as 1  dc, )  make one more dc in the one chain space , two dc one chain around. Join the round with a slip stitch in the top chain of the starting Ch3.(12 (2dc 1ch)) Finish off.
Row:3 Join new colour  ,Ch3 (count as 1 dc) 2dc in the same space, Ch 1, 3dc into the next space and into every other one chain space around. Join the round with a slip stitch in the top chain of the starting Ch3. ( 36 dc, 12 ch 1 spaces)
Row :4 Join new colour, in any of the stitch and sc in each of the stitch around. (48 sts)
Row :5 Join new colour,Ch3 1hdc in the same stitch, skip one sc, sl st in the next stitch. In the same stitch, Ch3,1hdc, skip one stitch and sl st in the next stitch. Ch 3 1hdc in the same stitch , skip one st and sl  st around. Fasten off.
if you find any mistakes, please feel free to let me know.
* Please donot  copy, sell or publish this pattern.This  pattern is for personal use  only. Please donot sell products made using this pattern.Freely you have receivedfreely give. :)


  1. Lovely coasters - thanks for sharing the pattern! and so glad to hear you are all ok x

  2. These are real cute, I love to crochet as well. I usually do it the fall and winter. Looking forward to getting back to it soon. Nice to meet you and I am following you on several social media sites.

  3. Lovely coasters! Glad to hear everything is alright now.

  4. Cute coasters - especially in lovely fall colours :)

  5. Get well soon, Pearl!! I love the pretty edging on these coasters.

  6. Very nice and Thank You for the pattern !

  7. Your coasters are like flowers, only the bloom alsom during winter times.

  8. So pretty!! :) thanks for sharing!! All the snaps in this and previous post look great :)

  9. Thanks for your encouragement dear friends


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