Edging/Border Pattern

 Hello Lovely people
I'm posting this edging pattern separately so that it will be easy to find , if you want to use it some time.
So this is what I did.
Start in one of the sc in the previous row,
Ch 3, 1 dc, *(Ch 4, Sl st in the 3rd ch from hook, Ch 3, Sl st in 3rd ch from hook , Ch 3,Sl st in 3rd Ch from hook, Ch 1, 2dc.)* then
2 dc, repeat from * to *. Finish off.


  1. Love the scissors! I feel like every crochet-er(?) should have a pair just like it!

  2. Nice edging! Thanks for sharing!

  3. such a pretty edge - thanks for sharing Pearlin :)

  4. This trim can be used to "dress up" so many different projects. Thanks for sharing your notes :)

    1. thanks Preethy yes its a versatile border :)


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