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Hello Lovely people
The boys and I are in Kuwait now to spend Christmas holidays together with dad, as a family. .
In the time we've been away from this country,  not much has changed and we seem to fit right in. People do  seem to think we are not from here , so we must have changed I guess.Anyways , it feels good to be back.
While dh goes to work, the children and I sit together and watch a movie or each do our own thing in the same room. The one movie we watched and loved was Planes. Made along the lines of the movie Cars. Honestly I liked Cars better but this one is good too. My boys Loved it.
Snowflakes 1
I made this  snowflake sometime back . I figured out the pattern from the picture.  
Snowflake  2
This  snowflake sprung up on my google feed when I typed crochet Snowflakes while  browsing snowflake patterns. And inspired I made up my own pattern.
A lovely lady asked me for the pattern . I was worried of the implications of posting something that I figured out from looking  at on the net.A little discussion with the ladies at my group put my mind to rest that if the source is credited , its ok.So I thought I will share my version.
So here it is, the inspired Flower Snowflake   :)
Flower snowflake edited 1
Flower Snowflake
Skill Level 
 DMC Cotton size 10 thread
Hook 1.5 mm
This pattern is written in American Terms
Stitches :
Ch st = Chain Stitch
Cluster Stitch=  For a 4 double crochet Cluster stitch, do each double crochet without completing the the last step, (you would have 2 loops after the first dc, 3 loops on the hook after the  second dc, and 4 loops on the hook  and 5 loops when all all four dcs are completed. Then yarn over and draw through all the loops. That is the Cluster stitch.
For the beginning cluster, start with 3 ch which would count as the first dc.then continue the cluster stitch, explained 
 Picot=4ch Insert hook in fourth ch from hook, Yarn over and draw though the stitch.(For a bigger picot,5ch)
Snowflake 2
Row :1   Ch 4 .Join  with slip stitch in the first ch to form a circle. 
Row :2 Ch 1 , then make 8 SCs into the ring.Join with sl stitch in the first ch.
Row :3 Make the beginning cluster, in the first sc of the previous row, ch 3, cluster in the second sc. Repeat around. Join with sl st on top of the first cluster. (8 (4dc clusters, separated by three chains each
 Row :4 Sl st in to the first cluster of the previous row, make a 4 ch picot, then a 5ch picot,a 4 ch picot,in the same space.( Ch4,  sl st into the cluster of the previous row,4ch picot, 5ch picot, 4ch picot in the same space ,sl st.) .Repeat ( ) around. Join with sl st in the first cluster of the previous row. Fasten off.


  1. hey !! so, how come the New Zealand thingy ? thought you guys migrated over ...

  2. yes we did Sona. Long story Sona...One day you'll hear the long story, short :))

  3. Thanks for sharing again Pearlin - they are gorgeous :)

  4. Beautiful designs Pearlin ! I like the movie cars as well, I haven't watched planes yet.

    1. Thank you Divya. You should watch Planes too, its nice :)

  5. lovely pattern ..Have a nice Christmas Pearlin ...


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