When I first started crocheting, I made only doilies. I enjoyed the seeing the dainty delicate lace pattern come to life in my hands.I loved working with thread, the finer the better .Still , I never once made a ruffled doily.
Pleat Repeat close edited 1
 just love the mesh centre 
Then I moved on and did not make doilies for a long time.
Pleat Repeat 1
the complete look
When there was a Crochet Along  for a ruffled doily ,at the Crochet group I belong to, on Facebook, I decided to join in .
Surgery, recovery got in the way and I finally got   in,late to  the party. All the lovely finishes of the ladies in the group, motivated me to finish mine.
I just made one part of the pattern. It was a breeze till I reached the ruffled part, then I did not know how to proceed from there.The lovely ladies in the group tried to help me but no I  couldn't figure out how to do the ruffle joins. I kept it aside and went on to make other smaller projects. Then it came to me.Without any trouble.
Like a honeycomb
Tell me, would you have known, if I didn't tell you, there was more to the pattern? No? I thought so !
I decided to stop working more on the pattern, because I felt that  just the inner part of the pattern  was a doily by itself.  Moreover,The novelty of making a ruffled doily had worn off as soon as I finished this part and did not want to go further. 
Pleat repeat close 2 edited 2
Inspired by the pictures of fall colours I saw on FB, I made this doily in a not so thin  size 8 DMC Perle Cotton , and  a 2.35 mm steel hook. 
Pleat repeat 3 edited 1
Apart from the customs people still dragging on and on pointlessly, power cuts and lack of internet driving us insane; the inverter does not even have a chance to charge ,we  sit  sweating , cranky and ready to scream,waiting for the power to come back , rubbing on odomos ,  and flaying our hands around to keep mosquitoes from whining in the ears., (A lesson in patience for us, I guess!) nothing else is going on here.
So how are things in your part of the world?
Have you made doilies before?
Do you like making doilies?
Have you made a ruffled doily before?


  1. Pretty colours!

    What is the Facebook Crochet group called?


    1. Thanks Penny , the crochet group is called Passionate about Crochet.

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Megan
      this pattern is at the group I belong to, its called Passionate about Crochet.

  3. Beautiful pattern. Love the colors ! :)

  4. It is super pretty Pearlin! Hope things get sorted out for you guys soon :( Doesn't sound terribly fun :( We're ok, tis the season, and nope - never done doilies at all!

    1. Thanks so much Leonie. I hope things will get better from here :)

  5. Very nice color combos pearlin. Beautiful doily. Are u in tirunelveli? I have asked this because of the stc college photo. And I reside in tuticorin enjoying power cuts, hot sun etc.

    1. Thanks Shami.Yes and yes :)) so great to meet you here.I stayed for a year and a half in Tuti too, some of my extended family is still there in Bryant Nagar :D

  6. wow..gorgeous doily Pearlin..and pretty colour too

  7. Very pretty doily!! Love the colors you have used:)


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