Hello wonderful people
How is it going? My days are kind of crazy.  I have not been able to do a proper post here. Once again I'm blogging from my Ipad Blogging app. I just wanted to let you all know I'm here . 
Thank you for your sweet comments Leonie and Divya.  I'm sorry I have not visited you guys, I promise I will rectify that😊
I turned Forty on the 18th, my dad went in for a Cataract operation and we are left with no help once again.

We have lived for six months together in India and  are now officially resident Indians not NRIs
The boys know all Tamil actors by name ,can answer back in Tamil, (earlier they always answered only in English )and still think ,film song dance sequences on TV are weird. So much so ,lil B sabotaged his teachers attempts to include him in the Annual School day dance program by dancing badly.....Sigh...He usually loves to dance.
Lil B  also now knows the founder of AlADMK party in TamilNadu , Mr MGR ,is not the son of the present Party Secretary Ms Jayalalitha like he assumed, since she is usually referred to as the Amma or Mother.
But he is still unable to wrap his head around the idea"So she is just the general mother of Tamil Nadu ?but why ? Why do people who already have a mother ,need another one? and that too someone they only see on posters?
My poor lil coconuts! 


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