Taking stock February 2014

The lovely Pip of Meetmeatmikes is taking stock of how  things are with her this month and has invited whoever wishes to , to do the same.
Here is mine
Making :: Stitcheries , crochet hotpads , baby blanket; the chandlier above was made by Big B, as a class project a while back. It has been hanging in our verandah ever since. Today, it has become my practice piece for photography. (What do you think?)
Cooking :  egg ,chappathi , rice ,potato
Drinking :: three roses nature tea , tender coconut
Reading:: nothing at all
Wanting: my own craft  studio
Looking: at the birds n squirrels outside my dinning room window
Playing: Adele, Katy Perry
Deciding: the project I want to make for Easter
Wishing: I had more time to craft, blog 
Enjoying: the walks with Lil B
Waiting: for this month to get over
Liking:: that I've made several projects with yarn in my stash
Wondering: if I will ever use up all the yarn n fabric I have
Loving: the handmade clutch I got for my birthday from A sunnyDisposition… I’ve been using it like crazy ever since I got it .I’m sure its going to be in tatters soon

Pondering: over lessons learnt from things that happened in the past
Considering:cutting my hair
Watching: Castle, Airtel SuperSingers
Hoping:  for more faith
Marveling: at how many kinds of birds there are in our neighbourhood
Needing: a long vacation
Smelling: jasmines in the garden
Wearing: a mustard quarter sleeved salwar kameez, my hair up in a knot , n minimum jewellry
Following: Crochetmoodblanket2014 on Facebook
Noticing: that lil B 's handwriting is getting nice and even
Knowing: this too will pass
Thinking: of learning something new
Feeling: grateful for friends who have my back, who call and talk  , text and encourage even when I don't ever call them at all.
Admiring: positive people 
Sorting: through our stuff that arrived from NZ
Buying: embroidery thread, hoops 
Getting: better at coping with stress
Bookmarking: sewing tutes
Disliking: two faced people 
Opening: courier packages
Giggling: over the silly stickers J sends me on Viber
Feeling: restless
Snacking: masala peanuts  ,
Coveting:   a home  where all of us will live together in.
Wishing: that I'd  seen through some people's  acts
Helping: Big B with what he's going through
Hearing: Words of comfort and encouragement from my family n dear friends who are more like sisters.


  1. I love your clutch purse - gorgeous! I've been buying embroidery hoops too - I'm currently painting mine which is a bit of a task....they keep swirling in my hand!!!! Flick x

    1. thanks :) I been thinking of painting my embroidery hoops too :)

  2. Great purse! and yay for your stuff arriving!!

    1. Thanks Leonie :) yes it s a big relief!

  3. Big B's work of art is truly remarkable and what a lovely clutch! Great to read your list and know a bit more about the awesome lady behind The Planet Pearl :)


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