"Whatever our souls are made of .....his and mine are the same".....Emily Bronte

  Val stitch 01
I decided at the beginning of the year to make at least one decorative thing for our home for each festival. I’ve made loads of things to decorate my home for Christmas, but not for any other festival.
In our home,  while there are a lot of little unexpected  "just because i thought of you, I love you “ things done on  mundane days  , the actual day celebrating Love , passes by without  much of a hoopa la ..  I thought it would be nice to add little touches here and there around the home during the month of February to celebrate  our wedding anniversary and Valentines Day in our future home.
Have  you seen the Movie, The Notebook? I cried buckets when I heard the audiobook the first time…. ages back….the kind of love that  stays ….way into their old age , when all physical beauty is gone, really touched my heart. More because I know a few couples like that in real life and always wish for the same in my life too.
Then I saw the movie… it wasn’t very much like the book,  but still melted my heart to mush ….One of the lines that I really liked in the movie is "if you are a bird, I’m a bird "
J and I are poles apart in our interests…. ... but in core we are the same.With that in mind, I decided to include that quote, in this stitchery I found on Pinterest.
I included the quote  in  the original pattern with an app that allowed use of text and then copied it straight from the iPad . That wasn’t easy as I thought.  Then I added a little crown to the birdie on the right while I was tracing it out on the cloth.
 Yes, the writing could have been better, the stitching could have been better , still I kind of like how it turned out . I’ve not yet decided if I want to finish it into a pillow or into a hoop art. I did get some  black paint in hopes of painting the frame black.
Now I’m  also working on another stitchery .. I ran out of the multicolored red thread I got from DMC .( I don’t know the number) So i’m using Anchor color 47 for the rest of the work.


  1. Hi Pearl, I'm from NZ and have been reading your blog on and off for a while now. love this stitchery...you are multi-talented. what a good idea to create something for festivals, keep it up!

    1. Hi Lekki Im so glad to hear you read my blog. Thank you. I hope you visit and comment often :)

  2. Awesome! I think it would look wonderful as a hook art.

    1. Thank you Pradeepa. I'm also leaning towards that option :)

  3. just the sweetest little touch to remind of your precious love! I heart it!!


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