…is marching away already, isn’t it? It seemed like it was the first of March and we are already a couple of days into it.! 
I’m so glad March is here. The boys will be having their annual exams in a couple of weeks and we are looking forward to some relaxing holidays.
While I was complaining about the weather being hot and sweaty, it rained ! What a soothing relief!.I ‘m so loving the sound of thunder in the far distance and the clear bright  skies soon after the showers. the humidity that precedes the showers tho’ is really another story.
Yesterday, we went  to our favorite restaurant soon after church and later on for dessert at our favorite ice-cream parlor, and came back very tired from all the eating .
As you might remember, I started knitting the Sweert as Honey Blanket for my brother and Sil’s soon to be born baby.
Sweet as honey wip
Like I was saying before, I did about six rows of white and have started the lilac again. 
Being a slow knitter, the blanket is not growing as fast as I would like. Still, I’m super excited about this project as it is my very first knitted baby blanket.  
I have now memorized the pattern.The Caron One pounds working a soft , warm fabric . I’m sure it will keep the baby all warm and cozy , wrapped in it.
I don’t know about you, but I take breaks from working on one big project by hopping on to another project… mostly a  smaller one.
Thats when I made these coasters /Trivets. ,
Coastertrivetall three

The pattern is a concoction of something I’ve made before , the border just seemed to flow out  through the hook  and then I happened a see one of the coasters from this and realized it was the same edging with a small modification.
Closeup2 trivetcoaster
This was a stash buster and a using up scrap yarn  project. The cotton linen yarn is from the project I talked about here and 

Inspired by all the  Crochetmoodblanket 2014, I saw on Facebook, I  pulled out my 2012 WIP and have started working on it. Mine is not a mood blanket. I’ve managed to add five little squares to the blanket today.

My brain had got a little rusty about details like which hook I used for it, a how many starting chain for the granny square, how many chains between the DCsand which method of join as you go I used…but its going on fine now.
I also made  a watermark for my photos. I hope you all like it.


  1. All of them are beautiful. I am waiting to see the finished blanket. The lilac and white combination is so soothing.

  2. that baby blanket is gorgeous....looks so soft and cuddly. i always swap between projects...keeps me interested!!! x

    1. Thanks Flick. Nice to know that you swap between projects too

  3. that baby blanket looks gorgeous! cant wait to see it done! I have some squares sitting about too - well done you for getting on with yours!

  4. The blanket is so lovely in those soft shades. I love the rainbow blanket and the trio of coasters too. You've been a busy crafter :)

    1. thanks Preeti, sometimes i want to do everything at once and at other times i don't :)

  5. I love the shade you are using for the blanket. It goes very well with white. The pattern for the blanket looks very interesting. And again your addi knitting needles have caught my attention. Hopefully someday I will buy those :-)

    1. thank you Ranjitha. yes those addi needles are really great. you should definitely try to get some.

  6. Lovely work and yes i agree that lilac and white is awesome


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