Babies no more

So there was a power outage at midnight. I woke up sweating from my sleep n realized That the fan n the ac were off bec of the power cut, our Invertor, chugged on till every last bit of energy was used up before it gave up its ghost with shrill squeal
I walked into the hall ,,opened up the window to let in some fresh air. Not a leaf moved.i picked up my pillow n went to lie down on the sofa, blood thirsty mosquitoes, whinging their war cry , did the Voodoo dance above my head, trying to hatch up a plan to stragically sit in places ones hands can't reach and suck the juicy life out in undistrubed peace.
One more figure appeared in the dark, Big B I figured ,"mumma the mosquitoes are killing me", sweat drops dripping through my hair, I ask him to open the door, and get me a newspaper. Soon Lil B joins us too
'What time do you think it is 'he asks ,'must be like 2am' Big B answers. I get up to get the folding cot. 'Mumma where are u going 'Lil B asked , 'to get the folding cot' I replied. 
'Please don't move, we'll get it for you" They both offer  and go get it for me. 
As I sit back , they bring the folding cot , fold up a newspaper like a fan and started to fan for me.The fan breeze is soothing  but I find it hard to let them do it for me my arms almost start aching just thinking that their arms will ache. 
My mind races back to the time my boys were little and we had powercuts, I know I did the fanning for them too as they irritated ly cried over their disturbed sleep, but I also knew I wasn't so graceful about it, I'm sure I whined and was irritated  and nasty too about the power cut ,the mosquitoes, my disturbed sleep and everything inbetween. 
Nothing of this sort from my boys  no whinging no complaining  All they were thinking of was , trying to make mumma comfortable ,trying to help her go to sleep forgetting their own discomfort.  Excuse me, Who is the baby here? I can't let my babies do that for me.It's ok let me fan myself I say they will hear none of it. Go to sleep mum a we will put you to sleep.
I was lost in that one magical moment where I got to witness their generous graceful souls laid bare. And I wondered what have I done to deserve them? Wasn't I the ungrateful one who was crying once, I didn't have a girl?!
When did the role reversal happen?


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