Crafting while travelling

Hi my lovely peeps
It's summer holidays for my boys and we are on the travel mode again. Travel tales will follow.In the meantime,you can catch a glimpse on Instagram .
I'm @prettyknotty if you are interested to follow. Ask me ,I will add you . I'm a private user .
Tracey@onething_atatime asked me  on Instagram what crafty stuff I carry when I travel ,seeing the picture of a hexagon I finished in my hotel room.
Never one to craft much when we travel, I was bored out of my wits in Cochin ,(J had to work and we decided to stay back in the hotel room instead of exploring places on our own as J suggested. I'm not that brave! )
I kicked myself several times for not bringing along my crochet, as both the boys hogged the T.Vs in our suite and I'd run out of reading material.
It was then ,I decided never ever to travel again without a little crafting kit .
Right now , my project bag is very basic with just two Laura Cotton balls , my brand new addi hook , which I love and a little scissor that I swiped off my mom .
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  1. Lovely Pearlin. I almost can't believe that you don't usually travel with a kit, your crochet is so gorgeous, I'm glad that you will continue to create on the go. Thanks for linking up too.

  2. I never travel without hook and yarn. Your hook looks awesome.

  3. Aah. .u were in Kochi. U cud gave just dropped in a line to this Kochite. Wud have helped you out. .online ;)

  4. Looking forward to seeing your travels and creations!

  5. Crocheting while traveling is such a great idea. :-) We can be so productive. I crochet while in the train everyday as my commute to office is quite long.
    Love your hook!! :-)

  6. I'd love to follow your travels via IG (I'm preetiverghese there, so feel free to add me!) I'm all about packing crafting projects for travel. A couple of mindless projects so mostly plain knitting and one that's a bit more interesting. I finished knitting a sleeve and sewing a whole box of hexies the last time we took a trip!

  7. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I didn't take along crochet wherever I go. It's saved me and time passes so much quicker when you have something to occupy your time. I just requested a follow ... when someone is a private user, I don't ask unless I know it is okay. :) Have a fab Friday. Tammy

  8. I think when you are used to crocheting a lot it feels weird when you don't have your "stuff" with you.Have fun

  9. Oh Pearlin..sorry to read that you were in cochin and you were stuck in the hotel room..I wish i was there during that time to take you out..because i'm a cochin girl..


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