Taking Stock :May 2014

I really like Taking Stock  with Pip at Meet Me at Mikes and   I did one before too.
 Here’s the May list…
Making : My Granny Patch Blanket
Granny Patch

Cooking :spinach, fish,rice,
Drinking : copious amounts of tender coconut water
Reading: blogs 
Wanting: to sew  
Looking:at all the cozy country homes on Pinterest
Playing: with photoshop 
Deciding: what sewing project to start 
Wishing: for some uninterrupted sleep
Enjoying: the early morning coolness
Waiting: for cooler days 
Liking: the apple pickle amma made

Wondering: if this phase in our lives is over yet

Loving: my new toe ring

Pondering:over the direction our life is going to take

Considering:having a puppy in the future

Watching: territorial battles between the cuckoo and the crow, the bulbul and the seven sisters , and the squirrels trapezing up and down the Sapota tree laden with juicy fruit.

Hoping: to get some 'me' time 

Marvelling:at the kindness of complete strangers

Needing: some  uninterrupted sleep

Smelling:Dove ginger and tangerine deo/bodywash

Wearing: a black beige and off white salwar kameez

Following:the setting up of the new  Indian government 

Noticing: the mauve wild flowers that almost look like a mauve carpet from a distance.
Mauve flowers

Knowing: good things are just around the corner 

Feeling: a wee bit disoriented

Admiring: Big B , my eldest ,for his resilience

Sorting: yarn, fabric, clothes,

Buying: ice creams and iced apples almost everyday to beat the heat

Getting: organised

Bookmarking: new webpages for later use.

Disliking:the Indian bureaucracy… its really frustrating how much they  make you run around ,if you do not grease enough palms or have people pulling strings at the right places.

Opening: inspiring pages

Giggling:at the funny songs my boys make for each other
Feeling: hopeful
Snacking: sunmaid sundried raisins in mini boxes 
Coveting:a cozy little cottage 
Wishing: for a vacation ( we haven’t learnt our lesson yet :P)
Helping:  around the house 


  1. Whoa!!! You have so many things on mind. :-) love the colourful blanket!! :-)

    1. :) thank you Ranjitha. yes I usually have a lot of things on my mind.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous blanket! You have me coveting the fact that you've got a sapota (that's the same as chikku right?) in your backyard. That is my most favorite fruit in the whole wide world!! Drooling just thinking about it.

    1. thank you Preeti. yes Sapota is chickoo, we've had so much fruit that we gave away lots to our neighbors. Wish I could send you some too.


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