Hello June

Honestly, I'm so glad it's mid - June , as it's getting closer to our deadline. 
There is a whole lot of sorting, cleaning and purging happening at # 60.
Plus some more debugging projects are going on. Bye bye Termites!. Utter Chaos ensued as we camped upstairs, while the work went on downstairs. I must admit. , it was fun. A little change from normal is always fun , right?
Between all this, there was a much awaited engagement . I was so excited gift wrapping the gifts for the bride. Of course I had a lot of helping hands... Thanks mom , dad and patty. 

Not much crafty things are happening around here.  I made a few Hexagons in the hope of turning them into a table runner. Then I ran out of yarn
But I quickly reordered and the yarn has now arrived.
 I had also ordered a couple of Anchor Knitting Cotton skeins, but the store forgot to put it in together with the other yarns. Now he's sending it to me again
I can get back to my Work in Progress now
In the meantime , whenever I felt like crocheting, I pulled out my biggest work in progress ever, and added a square or a row as time permitted

Now it has grown heavy and almost covers half the bed.
I discovered that arranging colours ,like in the picture below , snapping a picture on the phone and then making the squares , actually quickens the progress of the project. It works for me, it could work for you too.
In other news, are you watching the FIFA matches? In our home we are big fans as soon as Big B he finishes all his work, we all watch a match together.
Ofcourse, we have not watched all the matches. As that would mean late nights and we don't want to do that school days.Still another fun family thing we do.
This is Lil B's first time watching the World Cup and he is always so full of questions . We've since rechristened him the noisemaker haha 

What you are busy with these days?
Are you happy days are going fast ? Or is it too fast for you? 
Are you watching the World Cup too?
So tell me what's going on with you? 
Until later ,take care my dear friends.


  1. Awesome!! I like gift wrapping too. :-) I'd done it for my friend's engagement. The hexagons look cute in blue. Lovely yarn. Laura cotton ?? We don;t have a TV here yet, so not following much, but the craze is quite huge here in Canada :-) that'll be part of my next post. :-)
    Have a great weekend Pearlin!

  2. Those gift platters look lovely, great work! We've settled in to the slower, laid-back pace of summer vacation... just blissful!

  3. Lovely. I'm so happy that summer vacation arrived so that I have time to crochet. I just posted about all my stashbusting projects. My giant granny will be one of those long term ones that I work on as I am able. My husband usually gets a special box so he can watch the world cup but not this year. In fact, we got rid of OSN last year and barely turn the tv on at all. He only watches a bit of news every day but usually turns it off straight away because it's only ever ad news. He also likes watching Indian movies but they've dubbed them all in Arabic and he can't stand that. My girlfriend told me today that her whole family is staying up to watch the soccer games. They pick teams and then hoot and holler and root for whoever they choose, really getting into the competitiveness of it. No way I could stay up til the wee hours of the morning just to watch a sports game. Take care, Tammy


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