A Milestone Birthday

This little guy turned ten......Without  my permission! 
I don't know what made me think he'd always be a baby. Silly ole me!
you always remind me of piglet in Winnie the Pooh  .... Timid, yet fearless 
always standing by your brother yet also the one to pull his legs  like the time you called him "Brag Pitt "when he went on and  on about the things he could do and you couldn't.
You have grown a good three inches since we came here
You love going to the  neighborhood park on your own, hanging from the bars upside down, making friends on your own 
taking pleasure in watering the plants in the garden but promptly getting your wages from Thathi.
cleaning the home. Just like your dada, you've got that finesse to make it look extra tidy. 
You hate that girls like to call you cute, i' m sure that will change in the years to come .
You always want to  play by the rules , and quietly keep reminding your brother , who wants to break every rule , that it's not fair . You are his voice of reason. I hope you always remain so.
I can't believe how you carefully observe every little detail and appreciate it as well.
You learnt to blow a bubble after endlessly trying too

Happy Birthday little one... Dada and I will make it up to you ,for him being not with us for this milestone birthday.
Always know ,you fill our lives with so much joy and happiness . Love you baby boy.


  1. Belated b'day wishes to your son. Time is just flying and i can't believe that my boys are going to be 7 and 5 years old. It also tells us that we parents are also getting old. Am i right?

  2. Happy Birthday to your son!:) I loved seeing those photos..cute family . I liked reading your post ...very well written:)

  3. Aww, sweet family...I love your pics ;) Happy 10th birthday to your son!

  4. Awww such a lovely post! Happy Birthday young man!

  5. Happy birthday (not so) Lil B!!!

  6. Belated birthday wishes to your son!

  7. Pearlin this is beautiful. Our children grow up so fast. What a lovely memory you've created here.
    Much love to you on this occassion for doing such a great job.

  8. It was nice to read Pearlin...Belated birthday greetings to your little one...May God bless him.


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