What we are up to..... July

The sorting and purging that happened all June , is finally winding down. And I'm busy tying up the many loose ends hanging around while most of it is done.... Some still hang on ...stubborn to remain unfinished... Oh well ... Que sera sera
There were a few tense weeks in between with Big B being bullied by a teacher . I find that lot of people can be vindictive ,when things don't go their way. In a world where even people connected by blood get vindictive ,what can we expect from strangers  , rt? 
In general , I'm very passive .I get along very well with people around me. I put up with a lot of nonsense and in any given situation, try to avoid confrontation at all costs.
Mess with my family and I'm obviously going to let my fangs show. It comes as a surprise to a lot of people . What can I say..don't step on holy ground .. That's all.
I'm happy to report that the  bad patch  is now over  . Big B is merrily back on his way to find ways to annoy his little brother and mother! 
Craft wise I haven't done much except a project that is being made on request . The colours were specified but not the pattern, after much deliberation I decided to go with a trusted pattern. Keeping fingers crossed, it will be liked .

I don't know if it's the cool ,cloudy ,breezy and kind of dull weather or  that my Mac air has died on me and my small town does not have a service centre or an overload of bloggy how tos ,what to and what not tos etc... maybe, it's  a combination of all three,  I suddenly felt overwhelmed by it all and lost the inclination to write here on this lil ole blog of mine.sorry i haven't caught up with your blog news too. I really hope this lull will pass away soon.


  1. Glad it's all sorted with the bully. Good for you!

  2. Good to hear that the bully issue is sorted out and your Big B is back to his normal self. Is that a table center? Looks beautiful! Waiting to see the finished work.

  3. Lots of lulls at the moment...no pressure! We'll be here when you're readyM. Glad the situation is sorted and life continues at a good pace x

  4. I'm with you, I get on with most people and avoid confrontation BUT don't mess with my family. Glad you have it sorted and hopefully that will let the inspiration back in.
    Would love to see the crochet project when it's finished, the motifs look pretty.

  5. So sorry to hear that Big B was being bullied by his teacher. I was bullied (name called) by my teacher as a little girl and carried that awful stigma with me through most of my life. As a mama bear, you did the right thing defending your little cub and I hope that this teacher has learned not to mess with Big B again! Your project looks lovely and will definitely be cherished by the recipient :)

  6. Good to know that your Big B is back to normal. I know how difficult and delicate such issues are.
    Your WIP is looking very beautiful!! Lovely blue color:) Is it anchor thread ?

  7. Happy to know that issue is sorted. Project looks beautiful. Is it a tablecloth? Take your own time. Sometime it happens.


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