August Update

Hello dear friends? How are you all?
Been a long time right?!
No real excuses though ; except  me being scatterbrained with all the things happening here.
I did post updates on Facebook now and then but this space sadly got neglected. 
So let me quickly go over things that happened this month and also 
show you all some of the things that were struck off my WIP list
First up is the Japanese Motif Scarf.
Here it is all finished now.
It was so hard to get a full good picture.
A closer look

It is one of my all time favourites and I'm keeping this for myself . 

Next up is that ,Lil B won the first prize for Mono acting in the inter school competition held here. He was to act as one of the literary figures . His teacher chose Shakespeare for him. Lil B wasn't very happy to go but his teacher wasn't letting him off the hook that easily.And so in the end , he reluctantly went and came back with a medal ,a trophy and a certificate.

Don't let that smile deceive you ... I had to deal with a whole lot of nervous tears before the event and I didn't expect that he'd come home with the first prize.

Then I found a Finished and forgotten little motif.
This motif was a free giveaway on Pradeepa's blog .When I found it, I promptly glued it to my craft journal.Now I can look at it and admire it. I made it with DMC Perle Cotton

Paisleys are one of my absolute favourite motifs.

As we were mourning as well as thanking for the life of a very dear Uncle gone too soon at 47 , twenty years ago... A new life came into our lives to turn the mourning into joy. Life came full circle that day as my SIL gave birth at 5:22pm July 23 an eight pound weighing 20" long   Matthew .
And so Life goes on ...
The cute little button  is a harbinger of good things to follow. 
I also finished another runner. Still, the ends need to be woven in and blocked.

After I finished this runner ... I got struck by Startitis and started the Grantangle stole ....half way through I wasn't very happy with the way it was turning out .
So I frogged it and started the Solid Granny base bag. I wasn't happy with it after  I finished the handles and frogged it as well!
Seeing that I wasn't really in the mind frame of making anything new, I have gone back to my granny square blanket ! Yea it has become like my comfort zone now !!!
Oh before I forget, I also made a couple of headbands from a chart i saw online. 
Version One

Version two
Which one do you like?
Btw, have you noticed my addi Swing Hooks.Now that I've used them for a few projects,  I will do a review of them in my next post.
I will be taking a break from blogging next month on .... for how long I cannot say at this point.  
Take care dear friends.Bye for now.


  1. Wow you have been so busy! Love the scarf, the runner, the paisley, the headbands! hard to pick a favourite!! Life and it's full circle is amazing - yay for a new baby and for a shakespear winner :) Hope things are going well for you and will look forward to whenever you decide to drop back into blog-world x

  2. Good thing about crochet is if you don't like something, you can just start over. Looks like you've been making lots of lovely things. Congrats on your little nephew. I'm glad Shakespeare was a winner after all the nervousness. So hot and humid here today. I get home from school and don't want to do much, except maybe crochet. Hope you enjoy your blog break whatever you may be doing. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. So many projects! Love the Japanese flower scarf. The paisley has come out beautifully. Congratulations to the little Shakespeare. Enjoy your break.

  4. aah, much works ! just imaginined ur fingers manipulating around the threads :)

  5. Lovely crochet projects Pearlin!...
    Congrats on your son's achievement - and for all the work you do :)

  6. Beautiful Projects and finishes. Congrats for your little one.

  7. Your Japanese Motif Scarf is absolutely pretty! Well done Lil B!!


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