Week 2 and Week 3 Update

Week two has come and gone. During the weekend we wanted to go visit Mt Hutt but I got sick.so hubby took me to the doc (a very kind and understanding one) got some meds and a test run . I decided to stay home while they went. Made lemon rice and chicken fry to take along but it 
The weather is warming up and I'm really happy about it. 
However there were a couple of bad weather days....inspite of it , we managed to visit the Museum and the boys went to a movie and horse riding with a very good friend of ours.
I was told lil B has a natural talent for riding horses. And also heard some nice things about Big B. 
Oh ,did you see the Total lunar eclipse? We did  even though it was past bedtime for us.it was also lil B's first time witnessing a lunar eclipse and first time for us seeing the blood moon. so we were all quite excited .
 In other news i hosted my first dinner here . It was good and everyone enjoyed the food.i made jeera vegetable pulav, chicken curry, beef pepper fry, apple corn salad, potato salad, grilled chicken and then had i ce cream and strawberry cheesecake for desert both storebought.


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