A leaf off my diary :Week One NZ

Some people might think this is too much but I do find changes hard to accept .
Soon after I landed...
I felt completely disoriented. Couldn't understand the directions, even at home!! I felt crazy and helpless.
After a week in NZ
Slept through the night for the first time.
And things are looking up.

I saw a fund raising booth and got one sticker for the donation I made. Alzheimer's is something close to my heart .

School Stories 

Each area has a school and the children that live in that Zone go to that school.
 Ofcourse there are also private schools in the same area and you can either send to a private or State school as per your preference. .From what I've heard,Private Christian , Catholic  schools are expensive and usually have a long waiting list.
The state run school that my kids go to ,are good with a well rounded Syllabus and curriculum.

We did not have  much of an idea  about the area to settle in and the school to send the children to. Although we later found out that  each school website has all the school information about the particular school plus their ranking too. 

J took the advice of a man he had met earlier, and decided to find a home in the zone of this particular school that he suggested would be good for immigrant kids.The school being   multicultural .

Lil B is in school , two days now . He seems to be thriving already.
Getting admitted here in school for Lil B was super easy. 

We took the proof of address ,Lil B's passport and  our passport ,visa details , met the Principal . We were shown around the school .We were happy with  classrooms , infrastructure and playgrounds. Viola! admission over! We did not even have to live in zone ! 

I like the fact, there is a meticulous collection of information  regarding the child's Emergency contact person, address , phone number, family details, Medical information regarding allergies, etc.special achievements and interests.

We got the uniforms from the local Warehouse. The sales assistant was super super helpful. 

On the first day of school, we took him to the Principal's office and then the Principal took us to Lil B's classroom.  Introduced him and us  to his class teacher. Who in turn immediately  allocated a class buddy to take him around  and help Lil B settle into the class.

What I'm happy about schools here is that the children are motivated to get better with the skills they have.

For Big B though, it was a little different. Ofcourse, we were in Zone as per school requirement. 

We met the Principal who had a friendly chat with Big B. And wanted him to take the ESOL test, just to be sure . 

The day we went to school... the weather was really bad. J dropped us in school and told us to walk home. We had to wait for a couple of hours in the library, before Big B could give his ESOL test .

Seeing that the rains pounding and thus making it  hard for us to walk to the library, the Principal decided to drop us at the Library.Which was a very kind gesture, as he really did not have to go out of his way to make us feel comfortable.
So we were waiting there.Took the ESOL test , met  the Dean and got told to come back two weeks later after the midterm holidays. (There were just two more days before school closed for the term. )

On the way back... it was freezing cold and the three layers of clothes we were wearing were not enough ...and as if that wasnt enough , we  lost the way! 
Long story short... after many angry tears were shed  .... we , Big B, Lil B and I, walked back home with the help of the GPS on my phone, in that nasty weather.
 J claims to all who would lend him an ear that he was roasted alive on our grill when he got back home that day... my lips are sealed on that matter forever!

Anyways.....Big B has chosen some exciting optional subjects and I'm excited for him
Since we live close by the school, the boys walk, skateboard ,scooter and sometimes (roller blades )skate to school.

I like the church we went to.
I almost jumped with joy seeing a daffodil and understood why Wordsworth would write about them. (When we were in school and had to memorise them by heart, it wasn't fun at all and we have often wondered aloud why Wordsworth would write about them...it didn't make sense to us )

We got invited to lunch and dinner on the same day on Sunday 

Most of the people we met were lovely and warm.

We found an Indian store and shopped for Indian groceries. The owner wasn't very friendly or helpful.If I find another store, I'd skip this one! Honestly.

I had almost forgotten the things I would need for cooking Indian food!!! shame! I wonder if its just me who gets so confused and rattled when starting afresh at a new place. I mean , there are so many people who keep moving due to their transferable jobs and they all seem to settle in with such aplomb!

We have a fire place .our friend came
and showed us how to get the fire started.
I started a new  crochet project

I love working on my crochet sitting near the fire place
Boy,Is it cold or what!

It's nice that everything here in Christchurch is just a short drive away.
We went to a harbour called Lyttelton. Breathtaking as most of the scenery in NZ are!


  1. Lyttleton is gorgeous! Love that you are feeling better after the first week - rain, GPS and roasting! We all deal with things differently - hope things continue on the up and up!

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  4. Reminds me the old days we used to go to sultan center and we used to take special care if u, that u should not lost. Love to read ur article. Happy that u settled in NZ. Keep updating NZ stories.

  5. as Vineetha mentioned..love to read ur posts and looking forward to ur updates . :)

  6. Nice to read u'r post. Have a happy time with your family.

  7. Roasted on the grill, haha! Well done in braving the pouring rain!! My cousins go to University at Christchurch (their parents live in Auckland) and they love it there as long as they are well prepared for earthquake season ;)


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