Flowers are medicine to the soul

Being  in NZ ,in the garden city, it is very hard not to notice the flowers around you.
I find it cold sometimes,but  I think we could not have chosen a better time to arrive here.Spring time is just gorgeous here .
Everywhere I turn, there are flowers blooming and I can't help but smile even if my teeth clatter sometimes.

Most of the time , I only have my phone with me and it's what I use to take photos

Our garden is full of lovely flowers
ornamental flowers, and fruit trees with stunning blooms

It's the same over  all the places we go to.

The other day I recieved this lovely vase filled with a peony flower bunch 

from a very lovely couple ,along with some fresh eggs from their chickens.
Oo gestures like these just seep into the very depths of my heart and encircle me  with warmth and love.
That perhaps was the reason I took the brush to paint after a long long time.I had completely given it up .

Watercolor on paper. Cherry blossom.
Even tho it's an amateurish attempt and there is a lot of room for improvement, it was exhilarating  to hold the brush and play with colours again.
Thank you Lil B for generously sharing your watercolor box with me.


  1. Flowers are uplifting aren't they? Looks like you have so many to cheer you up and cannot wait to see more beautiful painting from you!

  2. It can certainly be "four seasons in one day" at this time of the year! Love the painting.

  3. it's true Pearlin.Flowers are always a medicine to our soul.

  4. You have painted the flowers very beautiful :) I haven't painted in years.


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