Lil B Goes to Camp

Lil B went on his first ever camp. He was super excited and nervous all at the same time . Even wanted to back out at the last minute.
Mumma spent sleepless nights ,worrying how her baby was doing. This was the first time ever , that he had been on his own without her.EVER.
Mumma 's offer to be a volunteer, to tag along was brushed aside rather unceremoniously. She spent most of the time ,he was away, wondering  aloud if she should have been persistent in convincing him that she should go too.
In reply to which Big B just rolled his eyes and J shook his head as a sign of giving up.
The verdict when he came back was .... Camp at Living Springs was a blast. He didn't miss momma one bit!( I know, rt! sniff sniff) . However she knows he didn't forget her completely because he brought her some sheep fleece from his trip

Lil B is not so little anymore although momma is having a hard time accepting that!


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