Monday Mosaic

It's a little over a month since we landed in this country. As each day passes on, we are feeling a little more settled than the previous day.
Like it always happens in a new place, where everything from the traffic rules to the things in the supermarket are different from what we've gotten used to, with each new day, we learn something new.
Sometimes, it takes a little bit of asking around, taking recommendations from people who've been there for a while and at other times, we learn through trial and error before settling on something we  enjoy.
After trying out a few flavours , we've finally found  favourite juice we all like.
There are a few brands out there and this is the one that tastes close to real Orange juice.yes ,we got there after a bit of trial and error.
Before a friend recommended to us, we thought only one brand of ice cream existed here in NZ. Then we tasted it at another friend's place and knew that there is no turning back.


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