Tirunelveli to NZ : the journey -leg one

Our journey started with a  four hour drive from Tirunelveli to Trivandrum.We didn't anticipate the permit stops and the rush hour traffic for the taxi we hired and we were running late. 

Which meant we could not grab a bite on the way like we planned . Which meant that I was left with a very bad headache accompanied by vomiting right from the time we arrived at Trivandrum airport.

By the time we finished check in and immigration, I was in a pretty bad shape.

My boys were darlings and kept checking on me , trying to make me eat something.

I couldn't eat anything, I just swallowed a paracetamol n slept throughout on the flight . Ha! So much for  planning way in advance and buying three books in the hope of reading them on flight

We landed in Changi airport early in the morning and had nearly twelve hours to pass before our next flight.


  1. ooooo, looking forward to hearing the rest of the story - hope it only got better!

    1. Thank you Leonie. Yes the rest of the journey was good :)

  2. Hope you felt better the rest of the journey and you're settling back to life Down Under!

    1. Yes Preeti. I did get better and enjoyed the rest of the flight. Thank You.


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