Bringing home the Christmas Tree

Having been in NZ for just about three months now,  I wasn't  particularly in very Chrismasy mood. You see ,after the Auckland debacle and insecurities that have come to rest with me since, added to the fact that we are stilling settling down, plus our chrismas trees and decorations are all back in India. I didn't want  to go and buy another tree ...we already have two!
Lil B ,however ,was dying to get one, having seen Christmas trees in the malls

and at friends' homes.Knowing that this bubbling excitement might soon go away, given Big B's nonchalance to the whole thing, J and I decided we 'd get the real Christmas tree and let him enjoy  choosing the tree and decorating it.
We drove farther outside our Suburb 
Lil B  took his time choosing the tree he wanted. He went around checking all the trees in the paddock
When he chose the one he wanted, the lady assistant there cut it for him
And helped us load it into the boot of our car.
When we got home, Big B and his friend helped us get it in and fix it.

The walking Christmas tree 

Lil B then took over and decorated the tree. He wanted to do purple and silver this year.
We had to cut off a couple of branches to fit into the bucket that we got to make the tree stand.I made  a display for my table with those.
Now that the Christmas tree is decorated, I'm completely smitten by it , the divine pine scent that has filled our lounge, the lights and the colours. I just love sitting there in the lounge and staring at the tree.


  1. I enjoyed reading your post:)
    Your Christmas tree is looking lovely!!

  2. Loved the christmas tree. I didn't know there were real and artificial ones. Good to know now. :-) Very well decorated and the display table also looks lovely! :-)
    Merry Christmas!!

    1. Thank you Ranjitha have missed you in this space

  3. Lovely Christmas tree! Little B has done a great job. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Thank you Pradeepa lil B is thrilled by your comment 😊

  4. Lovely Christmas decors Pearlin. The smell of a real pine tree can't be beat. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your familly! (I thought I commented here before, and wonder what happened...)

    1. Thank you dear Mimi and wish you a very happy and blessed New Year too


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