How does our garden grow?

Hello my lovely friends
How are you all? 
Let me first apologize for not visiting you all and replying to comments here . Thank you so much for all your lovely words of encouragement and love. Appreciate it very much.
I'm doing fine... Just a wee bit overwhelmed at times... But that's ok. Coz overall I'm grateful for all the lovely things in my life.... Being in my own home , good friends in my life , old and new ,good health , little things we do as a family  ... like planting our own little garden
One friend who is an avid gardener, told us that the best time to plant a garden was during the Labour Long Weekend.
 J being  the avid gardener himself, decided to go to Bunnings  to get the things necessary to start a garden. We got three plants.... tomato, lavender and Strawberry. We also got some seeds. 
J dug out an old sink that was buried at the farthest end of our yard  and that has become our little container garden
Our friend offered to give us some compost .

I'm super chuffed we harvested our first strawberry from our little container garden .
Strawberry flowers are so pretty too
we have tomatoes in our tomato plants
and my absolute favorite coriander and mint too.

The weather has been lovely this week 
It feels a bit weird that the sun doesn't set till 9 p.m but that's a good thing too ... more time for the kids to play outside .
It's the busy time of the year with the clock ticking down to Christmas Day. It is also school closing time for the boys . Big B 's school is out already . Lil B's school is closing tomorrow. I'm going to be busy with them as well.
Talk again very soon my loves.


  1. Sounds like some great efforts and hurrah for already being able to harvest some of the delights!


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