My half done floor rug

Seeing all the beautiful crocheted rugs, I wanted to make one for our home too.
I had some Wool Ease from Lion Brand that I'd bought in Kuwait.
I brought it with me here and started on a pineapple doily pattern
With just a few more rows to go, I realized it was going to be very small
So I decided to change the pattern

Then I found some Hoooked Zappati yarn and got a skein. Clearly one skein wasn't enough . It was kind of hard to crochet with a big hook .And there was no more stock of the yarn I'd got.
I then decided to use both the yarns 

Still ran out of yarn. So I decided to finish off the project.
I may attempt another one later on but for now this is done .


  1. It's looking pretty!!:) I cannot hold big size hook for a long time, my wrist starts paining because I am not used to hooks with handle and thicker hooks are to be used like they have handles.

    1. It wasn't comfortable working with the Zappati yarn Preeti

  2. It's lovely. I'd like to make one but definitely would need lots of yarn. I use the thick ones to make bowls. Nice to combine the two colors. Best wishes, Tammy

    1. I guess it would take two and a half yarn skeins to complete this one Tammy. Thank you for stopping by. Always love reading your comments


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