Santa Parade

Someone at a gathering we were in ,mentioned that roads would be blocked the following day, (7th Dec) as the Santa Parade would be taking place. 
Curious ,we enquired about it and were informed, it's a Christchurch tradition  to mark the start of the festive season .
With the weather still too cold for me to bear....inspite of it being summer... and never big fans of  getting  squished in crowds, we decided to avoid it ,thinking it was going to be sometime at night.
We went to church and noticed the road blocks and diversions, saw a few empty floats  along the way , knowing it was for the parade , we went on the way.
Later as we went  grocery shopping , we noticed the people on the roads and as we  got closer, we realised we were near the parade ;it wasn't as crowded as we expected ! We decided to stand there and watch it inspite of it being too cold for me.( I know ... I'm a broken record...its cold cold cold)
The colourful cultural diversity ... Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, Dutch, Taiwanese , Philipino, Russian...with beautiful floats and interesting themes were truly amazing.

and there were some fun favourite cartoon characters as well

" Pig Air"

Christmas Music
all sure to get the people ,both young and old ,into a jolly festive mood! 


  1. Nice to see different countries represented. Glad it wasn't as crazy as you thought and you were able to enjoy. Cloudy day here in Kuwait so staying indoors to craft and clean (more of the first than the latter :) Best wishes, Tammy

    1. It was a nice experience Tammy if not for the chill wind that was blowing we would have stayed longer


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